Business Intelligence system

We believe we are still the only EPOS Company to offer a fully integrated Business Intelligence and Analytics solution in the market.  But what is Business Intelligence and how can it help you manage your business?

The historical challenge for analytical reports

Historically, all EPOS systems have offered a huge raft of reports for customers to use. In the case of the Centegra EPOS solution, there are over 300 individual, crafted reports. These are all well placed to give you key real time trading information; otherwise known as OLTP or Online-Transaction-Processing reports.

But like everything in this world there are compromises; with static reports there are compromises as to what is in each report and how they are laid out. Often users find themselves wanting to combine data from different reports to get to the analysis they want to do.  This then involves printing out lots of different reports; this takes time. Then this information is transferred yet again into spread-sheets, so that information from separate parts of the system can be collated and compared.

Not only is this time consuming, as the data gets added to over time these tasks need doing again and again, and the content become outdated.  Some companies have offered up ‘Report designers’ but these are always difficult to use – as an underlying knowledge of the data and files is needed on top of learning the specific design report – to get this report and explain it to others in the company is also a difficult task.

Centegra Business Intelligence (B.I.)

That is why Centegra built the Business intelligence platform. Using OLAP (Online Analytical Processing) technology sales data is populated into a predefined cube. For instance,consider something simple like each day’s trading, by store, by product. Imagine that you want to compare coffee sales for each Monday over 3 months. (Perhaps in those 3 months you gave an offer to increase Monday morning business and you want to know how effective it was; what it cost; or was the effect long lasting or just while the offer was running.)

The BI cube aggregates the sales values needed for this type of analysis at regular, frequent intervals and this allows you to filter and manipulate this data in the world’s best known tool, Microsoft Excel. Even when applying filters – using drag-and-drop methods on large amounts of data, the B.I. cube responds quickly and the results can be save and shared with others, in a number of ways.


The key features of Centegra Business Intelligence

Thus it solves a number of real user requirements. The speed of updating the cube is exceptional allowing you to think and do at the same time; it is a true analytical tool. The Spread-sheets you create contain no data, they are just a view of the data, so when you send to others the data is all up to date and the same for all users, so what we call ‘one common truth. The spread sheets you produce are repeatable, distributive, editable and include user security, so a report produced for the group can be sent to managers who will only see the level of data you want them to see, e.g. their store only.  The cube is available anytime and anywhere and can also be published in web sites.

Not only is this tool a full analytics platform but also you can build the key performance indicators and dashboards you need for your company and publish then for all the stake holders to view, they update giving up to date information. This element alone has been shown to take hours and hours of work out of day to day operational reporting, so saving real time and money, but also prove to be more accurate, less user error, quicker and give everyone one common truth.

If you would like to know more about this remarkable tool, please give us a call today on 01270-585200.

 – Tom Bell