Chilango Case Study

Dan Houghton is the Co-Chief Executive Officer of Chilango and has been working with Centegra for the last 13 years, when they opened their very first unit.

He said: “Centegra are a great company to work with.  They’re a good team, put their customers first, are very approachable and extremely responsive.

Dan added: “Although it’s not a family run firm, it feels like one – they’re very easy to get hold of and we speak to Heather and the Customer Services Team regularly so they’re very accessible and having a dedicated point of contact really helps.

“We have no issues with the software – it’s a completely solid integration and absolutely invaluable for our systems management. We use Centegra Plus and can get a snapshot look at our ordering platforms, sales data and stock control in real time which is vital in a modern restaurant.

The technology is robust, scalable and Centegra are always willing to listen, make tweaks for us if needed, both quickly and easily,” Dan said.