Centegra Cloud Based EPOS

Hardware Solutions Overview

Centegra cloud based EPOS systems and software provide a simple to use, web-based POS.  Our systems enable our clients to maximise profits, eliminate waste, and improve customer service throughout their business.

Through our EPOS, our clients are able to benefit from accuracy on sales, insight into data, remote control access via the web, consistency mostly by reducing human error, ease of managing promotions and inventory to enable identification of trends, and speed up the customer experience.

Centegra creates dynamic, cloud-based EPOS systems and POS Software. Our software can be accessed at anytime from anywhere in the world. Our cutting-edge, cloud-based technology takes your retail and EPOS system to new heights, enabling you to have real-time information at the tip of your fingers.

Centegra is flexible to meet all your EPOS requirements.

Through our adaptable approach we are able to meet all our client requirements for all:

  • POS systems
  • EPOS Software, covering requirements for POS System
  • Retail POS System
  • Mobile POS System
  • Online POS System
  • POS System UK
  • Wireless POS System
  • Electronic POS Systems.

Consistently delivering innovation and value, Centegra provides POS software, in addition to Restaurant POS Software, POS System Software, Online POS Software, Windows POS Software, Retail POS Software, POS Touch Screen, POS Software, POS Software for PC and Store POS Software.

Developing dynamic ingenious solutions, Centegra meet changing market needs to help your business, these include:

  • EPOS System
  • EPOS Till System
  • Retail EPOS Systems
  • EPOS System for Restaurants
  • Hospitality EPOS Systems
  • Tablet EPOS Systems
  • EPOS Tills
  • Till Systems
  • Cash Till
  • Touch Screen Tills
  • Shop Till
  • Till Software
  • Electronic tills.

Centegra is a successful company with an expansive client base delivering EPOS Systems in London, Crewe, Leeds, Cheshire, Liverpool, Salford, Birmingham, Manchester, Edinburgh, Bristol, Oxford, Cambridge, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, Southampton, Shefflield, York, Leicester, Nottingham, Northampton and more.

Centegra’s point of sale software already helps a wide range of clients including large restaurant chains, to independent restauranteurs in addition to many clients through diverse sectors including Adventure Park, Bars, Café’s, Contract Catering, Members Club, Pubs, Quick Service Restaurants and Fast Food, Restaurants, Sports Clubs and Stadiums.

Centegra has a friendly, adaptable approach and with our pioneering technology we are able to ensure that our clients receive the best EPOS System and EPOS Software available to meet their needs.

Request a free demo today of Centegra’s EPOS Software and Hardware.