That’s right, a customer loyalty program that automatically remembers your customers’ behaviour without the need for additional costs or to swipe a card! 

Statistics indicate that customers using loyalty programs tend to spend three times more than non-members or that loyal customers spend 10 times more than new ones. However, some programs can increase business overheads and rely on customers remembering cards, meaning that they aren’t always as effective as hoped. However, with NCR Silver by Centegra, customer loyalty is built into the EPOS removing both of these barriers.

How does this work? Unlike many loyalty programs, NCR Silver by Centegra’s solution does not require a plastic loyalty card, mobile app or separate device to identify customers.

Rewarding your customers is on a ticket level, depending on spend and can be based upon a discount such as a 10% off over a certain spend level, or with a ‘free’ option upon purchasing on a number of items. It is important to clearly communicate the rules of the loyalty program to customers, such as expiry dates, if there is a minimum purchase order, or if a special promotion only lasts for a certain duration and any that can’t be used in conjunction with other promotions.

The success of the loyalty program will depend on a number of factors. Training your employees is very important so that they can inform customers of the opportunity and also use the EPOS correctly to elevate sales. For example, if a customer is close to redeeming a reward, there is an up-sell opportunity for the server to take advantage of and increase customer spend.

Marketing is also critical. This can be marketed through a number of channels. Use your business website and social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Google+, as well as in-store posters and table tops, and train your staff to actually tell customers about this new technology from which they can benefit.

Since the introduction of NCR Silver, Centegra has been able to introduce a number of additional functions to help businesses increase performance, as well as this no fuss, easy-to-implement customer loyalty program. Centegra’s ingenious approach delivers on-going innovative solutions for EPOS, which can be counted upon. #innovationthatcounts