Data Retention Policy

To provide unmatched analytical possibilities, all our tills sales are uploaded to our cloud system, which stores, backs up, and processes data in real time to provide reporting and analysis. However, over the years, sales accumulated, and accumulated, and by now we have 100 of millions of transactions stored on our cloud servers, because of this massive amount of data we have to consider how in the longer term we can continue to provide this data to uses in a timely manner.

Following a consultation period with our customer base we are about to implement our new Data Retention Policy.  The solution we have should provide much faster reporting speeds and system access speeds on a day to day basis. To do this we will archive all data to a separate data warehouse to be accessed in all its detail. Clients can continue to access at least two years of data through the regular log-in, but can access the full history from a new log-in.

This process will begin on the 20th April 2015 and progress over the following 3 months to the completion of the project.

The result is the best of both worlds, a full history and fast access to current sales information.  Coupled with this is the imminent launch of the mobile phone ‘real time sales’ reporter, but more about that later.

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