Stock management is crucial to ensuring that you have the right produce and ingredients at the right time and improve cost efficiencies. You can make sure your business is fully utilising your stockpile and inventory by using the Centegra EPOS system in your cafe, restaurant, bar or other hospitality trade.

By using CentegraPlus, our EPOS system with Stock Control Software, you can keep track of your stock, what you sell, what you need to purchase and how to make the most of your best sellers! Our system logs the recipes for each menu item and uses this to suggest your orders. This allows you to order your stock in the most advantageous way boosting your cost-efficiency and essentially generating a profit larger than you’re receiving right now. You’ll also reduce the businesses daily waste because you won’t be buying in excess stock that won’t be used. You’ll avoid those errors that are regularly made by recording your stock on paper and having to input this information into the computer, saving you a lot of time. Additionally, you can synchronise all the data needed regarding your inventory and keep track of your sales margin.

There are other ways you can improve your inventory management and make the whole process easier, here are some hot tips to help you and your business.

Each product should have a home.

Each product and ingredients should have a regular place to be stored that your staff should be aware of. This will make the process much more efficient because when it comes to counting your stock, it will become a much quicker task. This will also ensure that your designated stock areas will always be kept tidy. Keeping all your perishable produce stored in the correct conditions means they will keep fresher for the longest possible time, therefore reducing the amount of waste.

Modify your menu.

Revise and change your menu if need be. Utilise the ingredients that are used from your best sellers, remove the dishes or items that aren’t sold very often and create dishes using ingredients that you already know won’t be wasted. In addition, consider creating different specials each evening to use up the previous day’s leftovers.

Always check your deliveries.

Check your stock when it has been delivered, you should check that you have received the correct quantity as well as the quality of the fresh produce against the use by date. Errors are easily made and its possible you may not receive the quality and quantity you require.

These easy changes to your stock control process may benefit your business, but the most valuable tool that you can use is  CentegraPlus to take control of every aspect of your hospitality business.

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