Our People

Tom Bell CEO

Tom Bell


Founder, innovator, coder. Has a story for all occasions.  Just don’t ask him about sailing unless you want to be here for hours.

People - Managing Director

Jon Horsfield

Managing Director

Everything that Tom doesn’t want to do. Ex Hospitality industry, 20 years in EPOS. Despairs at the form of Aston Villa & will happily watch cricket of any level, at any time.

People - Finance Director

Lynn Welch

Finance Director (AKA The Pink Piranha)

Everything that Tom/Jon doesn’t want to do !

35 years of finance experience and many, many years of putting cash INTO various epos systems round the world.

People - Operations Manager

Frazer Braddock

Operations Manager

All things Pre-Sales, Installations and Contract related. Years of experience in hospitality (on the other side of the counter). Has worked in IT from his first day and never looked back. Ex sales with bruises to show and best described as a fine Espresso (Refined, Sun Roasted, and perfect in small doses).

People - Development Manager

Ian Chapman

Technical Director

All things code, <%=Insert.Joke(1)%>. 12 Years in application development. Cycles a bit, but far less than he should.

People - Information Systems Manager

Gary Ashcroft

Systems Manager

  • 3 decades in IT with the last 11 years in EPOS.
  • Product lead for business intelligence (BI) and Excel.
  • Keeping the infrastructure running.
  • Armchair sailor & RNLI supporter.
People - Installations/Project Manager

Matt Burgwin

Installations/Project Manager

EPOS cultivation and crawling around in filthy dark places on building sites. Ex Hospitality industry, 18 years in real EPOS (not sales) . Thoroughly enjoys watching Jon despair at the form of Aston Villa and enjoy trying to test my music knowledge with Ken Bruce’s ‘Popmaster’.

People - Lead Support Technician

Heather Finch

Head of Customer Service

Mystical creature of till troubleshooting, menu changes and variance hell. 17 years in IT/7 in EPOS/Ex Hospitality. Outside of work can be found in a pub playing live music, or in her organic garden pottering.
People - Centegra plus Product Manager

Dan Belfield

Centegra plus Product Manager

Authority on all things Centegra plus / Back Office.

People - Project Manager / Trainer

Chris Wilne

Project Manager / Trainer

The face you’ll see on installing on site. Previously hotel hospitality, Whiskey connoisseur in training and has a bar in the back garden.

People - Support Technician

Adam Streeter

Silver Product Manager

Supporting our customers with the Centegra product range. Ex Hospitality, 10 Years including 4 years in senior roles in 5 Red Star Hotel/Michelin Star Restaurant. Keen follower of all things Motorsport, F&B culture, and spending time with family and friends.

10329142_647466195321545_6251519181384291460_n (3)

Tash Wilkinson

Support Technician

I aim to always deliver service with a smile because I care about customer service as much as I care about Alpacas – a lot!

I’ve travelled far and wide, collecting the worst souvenirs I can find, but nothing beats coming home to a good brew.

People - Finance Assistance

Joanne Clark

Finance Manager

Assisting Lynn as Finance Director with the day-to-day administration of Centegra Accounts. 20 years experience gained within I.T and Property Management.  Family calendar runs from one holiday to the next .