Brexit is proving to be a challenge for many in the restaurant, quick-service and hospitality industry, with an increase in the minimum wage and the exchange rate of the pound being at a low. According to new research by accountancy firm Moore Stephens, 20% of restaurants in the UK are threatened with closure because of increasing costs. Uncertain finances are a known sector challenge, but the current market is above the norm. So how do you overcome this?

Delivery-only sites and pop-up kitchens to keep the main investment level down on a property is one approach. It is considered a smart move to avoid the capital expenditure and is supported by the growth in delivery services such as Deliveroo, Just Eat and Hungry House. But, this can also have a negative impact on in-house ambience and footfall. Moreover, customers are looking for engagement and an experience. So, what other solutions are there?

Many leading sector influencers are stating that it’s all about your technology solutions such as Centegra, a cloud-based EPOS provider. For many independent owners, making the right decisions can be daunting especially for tech investment. But with insight into customer activity data provided by the tech, trends indicate that the outcome will be an increase in revenue, as well as helping to reduce overheads and make decisions about opening hours, staffing levels and stock control.

Many restaurants and quick-service outlets could have three IT subscriptions – accounting, stock management and sales transactions. This means three sets of costs, which sometimes require large, expensive hardware that takes up a lot of space and could become damaged through food and liquid contamination. Centegra has overcome this with their one fee for all with the introduction of CentegraPlus, their cloud-based EPOS software. If there is only one subscription fee, you can reduce your tech overheads by 66%, an incredible saving.

Through CentegraPlus, restaurant owners benefit from the latest EPOS solutions new to the market using mobile devices, or smaller hardware units, which offer a great alternative to traditional methods. Real live data can be accessed from a mobile, 24/7. The impact of this is understanding the costs of stock, staff and sales at all times, enabling a tight control to avoid nasty surprises.

Through the data that CentegraPlus generates, understanding stock requirements can be improved, and help with online pre-ordering service, so food sourcing can be purchased in advance at many of the large sector retailers and food suppliers that offer this service to save valuable time.

CentegraPlus provides a totally scalable tech solution to meet all needs, from a single site to a multi-site group.

As hospitality is becoming more embedded in the customer experience and monitoring overheads to overcome a challenging market, scalability is fundamental to providing solutions to meet demanding business needs.

Tech is entering the kitchen through ordering systems that use mobile and geofencing to detect when a customer is close-by, so chefs may begin food prep. This is still in early stages of development but will help with the increasing demands of the customer expecting quicker service.

As tech advances to help overcome overheads to manage Brexit and increasing customer demands, Centegra is at the forefront of cloud-based EPOS solutions that offer flexibility, scalability and real-time insight.

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