Sales channels for restaurants, especially quick service, are expanding. Mobile apps and web ordering allow customers to purchase ‘on the go’ for collection or delivery. The explosion in delivery companies, Deliveroo, Uber eats etc. provides the consumer with quick and convenient methods of ordering for delivery and their popularity continues to grow. The desire for automation, a reduction in operating costs and an easier upsell to the consumer is driving a new demand for in-store kiosks for order taking. All this in addition to the existing EPOS sales channel requires new tools in-store for managing orders, production, delivery and customer experience.

Help is here. CentegraPlus offers a refreshing solution with their multi-channel order management and kitchen production solution.

CentegraPlus is designed around the concept of multi-channel sales. It’s not just an add-on to the EPOS. With the CentegraPlus solution, we have re-built the concept of in-store order management from a multi-sales channel perspective. The tool needs to coordinate production, combine the demands into one easy to use interface for the production teams. Clear reporting and exposure of the process involved are critical to the smooth running of any store, and by providing these tools operations can run efficiently and effectively.

One side of this requirement is to manage the incoming orders from any source, and this requires the creating of a compressive API (Application Program Interface) so that multiple sales channels can get up-to-date product data and price information out of CentegraPlus, validate orders and submit sales, receive confirmation and manage the load.

The impact on business performance and measurement is that numerous reports can be generated for data analysis, whether it be on the ordering method, general sales performance, stock levels and operation costs. By consolidating all the incoming orders into one portal, a comprehensive overview of business performance can be understood in real time.

If you are considering expanding your sales channels, via order ahead, delivery, kiosks or any other channel then Centegra’s ingenious approach delivers you a solution which can be counted upon. For a FREE demo on CentegraPlus, to see order ahead for kiosk solutions then contact us on 01270 585200. #innovationthatcounts