Chilango Case Study

Dan Houghton is the Co-Chief Executive Officer of Chilango and has been working with Centegra for the last 13 years, when they opened their very first unit.

He said: “Centegra are a great company to work with.  They’re a good team, put their customers first, are very approachable and extremely responsive.

Dan added: “Although it’s not a family run firm, it feels like one – they’re very easy to get hold of and we speak to Heather and the Customer Services Team regularly so they’re very accessible and having a dedicated point of contact really helps.

“We have no issues with the software – it’s a completely solid integration and absolutely invaluable for our systems management. We use Centegra Plus and can get a snapshot look at our ordering platforms, sales data and stock control in real time which is vital in a modern restaurant.

The technology is robust, scalable and Centegra are always willing to listen, make tweaks for us if needed, both quickly and easily,” Dan said.

Coco Di Mama Case Study

Chris Webb is the Head of Operations for Coco Di Mama. The company have been working with us, since day one, eight years ago. Centegra now supply all 23 of their restaurants in London with their tills, cash flow management and reporting systems through Centegra Plus.

Here Chris tells us why: ““Centegra are the only supplier that have been with us from the start and they really are an extension of our team. As we’ve grown, they’ve grown with us and we have an excellent relationship with them.

“From the start when they were just supplying us with our till system, it was clear that they knew what they were talking about, so it wasn’t long before we started using more and more of their software. They know our business inside and out and if we need help or a new solution developing, they will always be honest, discuss our ideas with us and do their best to come back with an answer.

Chris added: “They don’t add on development costs either as they know that if we’re asking for something specific, it’s highly likely that other companies in the hospitality industry need it too, so they work with us to deliver a new solution.

“We know most of their team by name and have a great relationship with them all. They customer service is second to none and they are one of only a handful of key suppliers that I would definitely recommend. I look forward to working with them for many more years to come and wish them continued success,” he added.