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We take the headache away and reduce the complexities of running an omni channel operation. 

Monitor, measure and make decisions that matter with reporting data that gives real insight into every restaurant.

Manage Orders

Operating an omni channel solution is complex … when you don’t have the capabilities to manage those orders effectively.

It’s all in the management.

Centegra Plus consolidates EPOS transactions, delivery partners, kiosks and click and collect all into one platform.

So, it’s goodbye to that multitude of delivery partner devices

And, it’s hello to one consolidated platform.

When you have the right digital technology, it all gets …. well ridiculously simple.

Manage Stock

Centegra Plus gives you control over stock inventory across a variety of sites. It gives you the ability to track that inventory on a transaction by transaction basis.

Different menus can be developed and demand can be met by creating simple product set ups and recipe management that change according to the channel that each sale comes through.

Have the data and have the insight.

Empower your business to be able to plan production and schedule orders that are integrated with the digital kitchen.

Manage Revenue

Revenue in a digital restaurant is more than just cash management, bank deposits and reconciliation.

That’s why Centegra Plus delivers a Revenue Management tool that tracks all the revenue streams and monitors the delivery partners from end to end.

Have control

Have the data

Make better decisions

Manage Data

Data lies at the heart of a digital restaurant. Without it restaurants can’t make the decisions that matter.

So how do restaurants access the right data?

Data that saves them time and gives them the answers they need in a very short amount of time.

Data that is presented in a way that is useful.

The Centegra Plus widgets are personally configurable, so a restaurant has access to the data they require on a desktop or any mobile device. Be in the know at any time and wherever you are in the world.

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