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Have a solution that enables complete head office audit and reporting control over multiple sites.

Monitor, measure and make decisions that matter with reporting data that gives real insight into every restaurant.

We give you unprecedented management control.

Dash boarding and automated reporting, drag and drop analytics, KPIs and management reporting including stock, cash and banking reconciliation gives head offices audit and reporting control over the entire network of sites.

Inventory Control

Centegra Plus gives you control over stock and inventory management across every site. 

It also gives you the ability to track that inventory on a transaction by transaction basis.

Have electronic ordering, stock counts and stock movements with recipes by sales channel.

Eliminate stock variances and understand where wastage is coming from.  

By integrating inventory control, Centegra Plus gives every Digital Enterprise complete transparency over the entire process.

Revenue Management

Centegra Plus gives every Digital Enterprise the ability to manage revenue across a network of sites because it's more than just cash in and cash out. 

Different revenue streams need to be tracked and analysed.  Third party sales channels, loyalty and gift cards can provide insight into whether specific campaigns have been sucessful.  

Have dash boarding, automated reporting, drag and drop analytics, KPIs and management reporting.

By integrating revenue management we give you complete trackability of all revenue so losses are elimated, performance can be analysed and plans put in place to increase growth.

Data Management

A Digital Enterprise generates huge amounts of data and it becomes difficult to gain a clear picture of performance and why losses are happening.

With Centegra Plus, all the data is yours and with our extensive APIs we empower you to utilise data any way you wish.

Analysing individual store performance, top selling products and sales performance across the hour, day or week delivers a clear and transparent picture.

Drill down to the specifics and have reporting capabilities that allow decisions to be made based on real time data and insights.

Operational Support

Centegra Plus is a platform entirely tailored to your Digital Enterprise requirements.

We provide operational support to every site, working with team members to ensure any issues are resolved as soon as possible.

By porviding this operational support role, we adapt the solution according the changing requirements of every business and restaurant.

The Centegra Plus widgets are personally configurable, so a restaurant has access to the data they require on a desktop or any mobile device. 

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