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If you think the digital kitchen is just communicating orders from the point of sale to the kitchen, then think again … The Digital Kitchen is so much more

Time is money in the high pressured environment of a restaurant kitchen.

Orders are received through a variety of sales channels
Orders need to be consolidated
Data has to be managed

Centegra Plus beings everything together into one single platform. 

Run an efficient restaurant and have real time data to continuously improve the operations of the business.

What are the components of a digital kitchen and where does it fit into your business model?

The kitchen lies at the heart of every modern restaurant, because however and wherever a customer chooses to place an order, that data has to be delivered to the kitchen to be prioritised and effectively communicate the most important information.
Improve accuracy
Minimise human error
Monitor and measure

Omni Channel Management

All sales channels feed into one kitchen and multiple outlets can be managed

Amend Recipes & Menus

Amend recipes easily via one centralised system

From Complex to Simple

All sales channels feed into one kitchen and multiple outlets can be managed

Instore dining to delivery on demand

Manage different sales channels all from one platform. Click and collect, delivery and EPOS sales can all be managed from one centralised solution.

Control over production

Understand where peak demand lies across a network of restaurants and plan production to meet that demand.

Be Compliant

Be compliant at all times and meet regulations laid out by Natasha’s Law

Complete scalability

Have the flexibility and agility within the business to scale up or down when managing order volumes and adjusting operational capacity.

Performance Analysis

Monitor, measure and analyse the performance of each restaurant

Automate > Integrate > Consolidate
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