Discover the Digital Kitchen
It's more than just communicating orders from the point of sale to the kitchen.

The Digital Kitchen is at the heart of the Digital Restaurant. 
It needs to run at optimum efficiency with the agility to scale up and down according to demand.

Orders are received through multiple  sales channels
Back and front of house technologies need to work together
Data needs to be managed

Centegra Plus beings everything together into one single platform. 

Run an efficient restaurant and have real time data to continuously improve the operations of the business.

What are the components of a Digital Kitchen and where does it fit into your business model?

The kitchen lies at the heart of every Digital Restaurant.

However and wherever a customer chooses to place an order, data has to be communicated to the kitchen, orders need to be prioritised and data gathered to provide analytics and insight.
Omni Channel Management
Kitchen Management System
Revenue and Inventory Control

Omni Channel Management

Say goodbye to a multitude of delivery partner tablets.
An omni channel strategy connects the sales channels ensuring a seamless customer experience however an order is placed.

Centegra Plus consolidates all these channels into a cloud based solution that is simple for team members to access, is time efficient and gives the business the flexibility to scale up or down according to demand.

Kitchen Management System

As the sales channels flow into the Digital Kitchen, have complete transparency over where the order has come from and where it is going to.  Errors are eliminated and preparation times are accelerated.

Our unique food preparation solution predicts production, feeds tickets to the kitchen, reduces labour costs and eliminate waiting times.

Easily Amend Recipes and Menus

Amend recipes easily via one centralised system.

Make changes to products and pricing across all sales channels which are automatically communicated to delivery partner platforms.

Every time a product is added, the nutritional information is updated giving you control and peace of mind that you are compliant.

Have a completely consolidated platform

Choose the delivery channels you want and tailor Centegra Plus to your business.

We support your teams in every Digital Kitchen so the solution keeps on adjusting to the business needs.

This results in improved efficiency and customer service through automation, integration and consolidation.

Control Production

Understand where peak demand lies across a network of restaurants and plan production to meet that demand.

Manage order volume and adjust operational capacity.

Performance Analysis

Monitor, measure and analyse the performance of each restaurant.

With Centegra Plus, the data is yours.

Drill down to the specifics and have access to reporting capabilities that enable your Digital Kitchen to continue to operate efficiently.

Automate,  integrate  and consolidate 
                              your digital strategy

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