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We're passionate about giving you the tools to secure your restaurant's digital future. Transform your operational capabilities, increase revenue and achieve growth.

Managing the digital restaurant has unique requirements

Orders need to be prioritised and managed

Day to day admin needs to be kept to a minimum

Menus need to be updated across sales channels

Inventory and production needs to be controlled

If the operations in your hospitality business have become increasingly complex and difficult to manage, it's time to automate the operations by consolidating the sales channels, delivery partners, stock management and a host of other partners.

Centegra Plus is a solution used by Digital Restaurants to improve the engagement and experience of customers whilst streamlining the business operations.

We work closely with our clients to deliver a solution that is tailored for every restaurant, cafe, food hall and dark kitchen.  

Whatever area of hospitality you are in, we can work with you to transform your business.

We automate, integrate and consolidate sales channels such as click and collect, delivery and kiosk ordering as well as inventory control, revenue management and a host of other partners.

Centegra Plus is a cloud based solution that is easily accessible from any device.  Transform every Digital Restaurant and empower team members by giving them time to concentrate on other aspects of the day to day management.

The Solution

Sales Channels

Integrate delivery partners, click and collect, app and instore ordering giving you the ability to manage products and pricing from one consolidated platform. 

Changes to products and pricing are automatically communicated across all sales channels, recipes are updated the customer enjoys a seamless online ordering experience.

Individual sales channels generate different sales but with Centegra Plus, these can be analysed and reports can be generated giving every Digital Restaurant the right data when it's needed most.

Kitchen Management System

Seamlessly integate your kitchen management system and manage orders with accuracy and precision.  Prioritise and maximise efficiency at all times.

A kitchen management system manages tickets accurately so there's no disparity between the seamless ordering process that customers go through and the delivery of their orders.

Understand where efficiencies lie and where time has been lost with reporting capabilities that give you the insight needed to run a profitable Digital Restaurant.

Inventory Control

Integrate inventory control and automate the adjustment of stock and have accurate reporting.

Electronic ordering, stock counts and stock movements with recipes by sales channel controls inventory, keeps costs down, ensures customer demand can be met and gives a Digital Restaurant the flexibility to scale up or scale down according to business performance.

Eliminate variances from each site and see where wastage has occured and where money is being lost all from one consolidated platform.  

Revenue Management

Centegra Plus integrates revenue management so Digital Restaurants have control of cash and tips as well as revenue that has been collected by third party sales channels, loyalty and gift cards.

Track the cash and eliminate losses.  See where every bit of revenue is accounted for , which campaigns and products have been successful and which haven't doen as well as expected.

Pull together reports and drill down to the numbers that matter to the business so decisions can be made on accurate data.

The Solution

Centegra Plus consolidates all channels into one simple, easy to use platform, including
Kitchen Management
Adopt a seamless approach
Click and Collect
Give customers flexibility
Loyalty Schemes
Integrate gift cards and campaigns

Adopt the capability to have sales from all sources feeding into one production system.

Manage inventory
Plan kitchen production
Schedule kitchen production
Utilise data and drive operational efficiencies into the heart of the digital restaurant.

Give your customers the flexibility they want and need while maintaining the efficiency of back of house operations.

Integrate click and collect partners
Consolidate sales information
Build customer loyalty

A smart loyalty scheme is part of the digital restaurant. 

Have an integrated loyalty scheme to:

Increase customer retention
Encourage repeat business
Improve customer satisfaction
A smart loyalty scheme is part of the Digital Restaurant. 

Build loyalty to existing and new customers through repeat visits and tailored promotions.

What our customers 
are saying

Jim Hamilton - Group Commercial Manager, Away Resorts Ltd

"The data reporting capabilities from the solution has transformed the way Away Resorts operate, along with the flexibility and operational support, a necessity for a company operating numerous parks across the UK."