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Managing the digital restaurant has unique requirements

Real time sales information is needed to maintain control

Training and administration needs to be kept to a minimum

Menu and order management needs to be controlled

Inventory through to production needs to be managed

Managing a restaurant has changed and you need a solution that can handle an omni channel order consolidation, because EPOS is no longer just the sales channel.

Centegra Plus delivers the solution for your digital restaurant of the future.

The future is omni channel sales
Are you ready?
While supporting the traditional point of sale, restaurants need to be able to adapt to the changing needs and demands of customers, while empowering employees with the tools to be able to continually improve the customer experience.

We understand the challenges faced by operating a multi channel sales operation.

The Challenges

Point of Sale

Traditional transactions are here to stay but managing them as part of an omni channel operation is a challenge. Have a robust small foot print solution and ensure EPOS is a firm part of the digital restaurant.


Managing multiple delivery partners is a necessity for the digital restaurant. The challenge of managing the products and pricing, the variety of different tablets and automating the preparation, packaging and collection of orders. Have a solution that consolidates all this information into one platform.

Self Service Kiosks

How do you manage the customer flow of the order process? The instore kiosk is an invaluable tool that enables the customer to place orders quickly, improving their experience and reducing labour costs. As part of the omni sales channel, ensure every kiosk is secure and ready for today’s customer.

Bring Your Own Device

Customers are now able to place orders before they arrive, order in store and pay at the table all with their own devices.

Enhance the customer experience but be able to manage another channel seamlessly.

The Solution

Centegra Plus consolidates all channels into one simple, easy to use platform.
Kitchen Management
Adopt a seamless approach
Click and Collect
Customer Flexibility
Loyalty Schemes
Integrated Scheme

Adopt the capability to have sales from all sources feeding into one production system.

Manage inventory
Plan kitchen production
Schedule kitchen production
Utilise data and drive operational efficiencies into the heart of the digital restaurant.

Give your customers the flexibility they want and need while maintaining the efficiency of back of house operations.

Integrate click and collect partners
Consolidate sales information
Build customer loyalty

A smart loyalty scheme is part of the digital restaurant. Have an integrated loyalty scheme to:

Increase customer retention
Encourage repeat business
Improve customer satisfaction
A smart loyalty scheme is part of the digital restaurant. Build loyalty to existing and new customers through repeat visits and tailored promotions.

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Jim Hamilton - Group Commercial Manager, Away Resorts Ltd

"The data reporting capabilities from the solution has transformed the way Away Resorts operate, along with the flexibility and operational support, a necessity for a company operating numerous parks across the UK."