Utilising Data to Increase Profitability in your 
Hospitality Business

Historically, it was the in-person touch that added to the customer experience. Staff would be the first point of contact and be the primary way of adding value to each experience, enabling a venue to stand out and stand apart.

As the use of different technology platforms has become widespread, it’s become increasingly difficult to manage customer relationships, plan creative campaigns and enhance the customer experience.

Throw into the mix all the Covid restrictions and staff shortages that have caused significant disruption to many areas of a restaurant, café and takeaway outlet, it’s easy to see how the customer experience has become neglected over time.

To meet some of these challenges, hospitality businesses have rapidly and digitally transformed, allowing them to continue in delivering to their customers in a way they choose, at a time that suits them and with a range of products that are profitable to produce.

However, operating these multiple platforms can impact on the overall customer experience. So, how do hospitality businesses connect and deliver an optimum experience in this digital world?

1. Utilise the data


Different platforms generate huge amounts of data. This data provides the bigger picture and can be used to understand consumer behaviours and drive automated decisions that help create unique experiences that will be of value to different sets of customers. Not every customer is the same and each will value different things. Consolidating different platforms into one solution provides easy access to data reports, enabling Digital Enterprises to create tailored campaigns.

2. Drive automation


Data gives insight. That insight allows businesses to drive automation into every aspect of the business, but at a scale which creates better customer experiences and increases new revenue opportunities. For example, understanding why orders are taking too much time to be prepared and dispatched, gives insight into where processes can be improved on in order to deliver a better customer experience.


3. Integrate sales channels


Complete integration of all sales channels makes the running of a Digital Restaurant more efficient and effective in delivering for the customer. It also makes the day to day running easier for employees to manage, freeing up more of their time to concentrate on the customer and ensuring everything is continually improving and evolving. Managing separate delivery partner tablets increases the chance of errors. Integration of these channels through to automation of production eliminates this risk, making the managing of the customer experience at every stage of the process store led through the efficient processes they have in place.

Integrate, automate and consolidate your digital strategy. 

Centegra Plus automates, integrates and consolidates sales channels, revenue and inventory management to ensure every Digital Enterprise and Digital Restaurant has the data it needs to continually optimise the customer experience.

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