Managing Waste in your 
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According to the charity Waste and Resources Action Programme (WRAP), the UK produced around 9.5 million tonnes of food waste during 2018.  Around 1.1 million tonnes (12%) came from hospitality and food service sector.


Getting on top of reducing food loss and waste is a win- win for the business and for the environment.  It significantly cuts down on costs and potential losses, because understanding the wastage levels across specific areas and sites gives every hospitality business the data to streamline costs.


Wastage doesn’t necessarily just mean food thrown away or discarded during preparation or consumption.  It also includes surplus of items because the more surplus stock a restaurant has, the greater the chance of that stock going past its expiry date and contributing to those wastage levels.

Understand where the wastage is coming from


To get the root cause of where this waste lies then you need to establish where it is occurring and where that wastage comes from. 


For example, if you order 1000 milk sachets per week and with every takeaway white tea the customer gets 2 sachets, but by the end of 5 days the stock has run out and only 420 cups of tea have been sold, then you have a variance of 80 sachets.  Either they have been lost, stock has been ruined or the customer is being given too many.  This erodes the profits of every order and runs the risk of adding to product wastage. 


Integrating inventory control into your centralised technology platform gives you complete transparency over the entire process.  You can see where these types of variances occur and gives you the data to make better decisions when it comes to ordering stock, designing menus and reducing food waste.

No more over-ordering


Make the link between how each product on the menu is selling and which stock items are sitting there, remaining unsold. From there you can start to investigate it and build a bigger picture. 


·      Help to price menus correctly

·      Establish which product lines are selling well and those that aren’t

·      Manage your inventory in line with actual sales and sales predictions


See where you're losing money


If you're seeing a significant wastage or surplus in a specific area of the business, Centegra Plus gives you a surplus or deficit in units and cost.  


We give you the data to cut back on waste and effectively manage inventory, helping to build a better and more sustainable business and improve its impact on the environment.


Automate, integrate and consolidate multiple sales channels, inventory and revenue management to have the complete solution for every restaurant and network of sites.  

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