Nacho Usual Solution! Centegra provides digital solution for Chilango

Chilango, the Mexican restaurant chain which promises guests a Stampede of Mexican Flavours, has taken the next step in its digital journey and with the adoption of new EPOS, digital ordering and loyalty technologies. In combination, the respective solutions, provided by Centegra, Preoday and Swipii will enhance the restaurant’s personalised guest service and experience. Through the digital ordering service, guests will be able to pre-order from the restaurant’s vibrant, fresh and authentic Mexican fare, collecting it upon arrival. Orders placed via the restaurant’s new mobile app or web ordering page will be sent directly to Chilango’s EPOS, meaning it can manage remote orders and keep all financial data in one place without the need to reconcile online payments with in-store transactions. Chilango will also leverage Swipii’s digital loyalty solution, integrating it into Preoday’s ordering platform and Centegra’s EPOS system to provide a seamless guest experience across all channels. The loyalty programme will feature points and rewards, […]

Getting ready for GDPR in the Hospitality Sector

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) rewrites the current laws on the management and security of personal data of European citizens. The new law will come into effect from the 25th May 2018 and it will impact all businesses that store or process customer data in any way. As the collection and processing of personal data is a fundamental characteristic of the hospitality sector, restaurants and hotels must all comply with the new regulation. Here are 5 tips you can follow to prepare your business for the arrival of GDPR. Review your current way of working Make sure you are aware of how data is currently added to your system, where it’s stored and who has access to it. Consider whether the data is classed as “personal data” – for example, data within Centegra’s Stock Management Solution is not considered to be personal as it doesn’t identify a natural person. Centegra’s Loyalty Programme solution, however, […]

A customer loyalty program with no extra cost

That’s right, a customer loyalty program that automatically remembers your customers’ behaviour without the need for additional costs or to swipe a card!  Statistics indicate that customers using loyalty programs tend to spend three times more than non-members or that loyal customers spend 10 times more than new ones. However, some programs can increase business overheads and rely on customers remembering cards, meaning that they aren’t always as effective as hoped. However, with NCR Silver by Centegra, customer loyalty is built into the EPOS removing both of these barriers. How does this work? Unlike many loyalty programs, NCR Silver by Centegra’s solution does not require a plastic loyalty card, mobile app or separate device to identify customers. Rewarding your customers is on a ticket level, depending on spend and can be based upon a discount such as a 10% off over a certain spend level, or with a ‘free’ option upon purchasing on a number of […]

Bringing Sales Channels Together

  Sales channels for restaurants, especially quick service, are expanding. Mobile apps and web ordering allow customers to purchase ‘on the go’ for collection or delivery. The explosion in delivery companies, Deliveroo, Uber eats etc. provides the consumer with quick and convenient methods of ordering for delivery and their popularity continues to grow. The desire for automation, a reduction in operating costs and an easier upsell to the consumer is driving a new demand for in-store kiosks for order taking. All this in addition to the existing EPOS sales channel requires new tools in-store for managing orders, production, delivery and customer experience. Help is here. CentegraPlus offers a refreshing solution with their multi-channel order management and kitchen production solution. CentegraPlus is designed around the concept of multi-channel sales. It’s not just an add-on to the EPOS. With the CentegraPlus solution, we have re-built the concept of in-store order management from a multi-sales channel perspective. The […]

Every cloud has a silver lining!

Centegra is delighted to announce the launch of our new EPOS solution for businesses in hospitality and retail – NCR Silver by Centegra! NCR Silver by Centegra meets the needs of independent and multi-site restaurateurs, pub-owners, QSR, cafes and retail outlets looking for EPOS solutions using mobile devices including iPad, iPhone and very soon, Android and offers a great deal of flexibility in deployment. Centegra has delivered EPOS systems for the hospitality and catering industry to many leading restauranteurs, QSR, pubs and cafes in the UK. With an in-depth understanding of the hospitality industry, we identified a gap in the market to deliver bespoke EPOS solutions to both small business owners and multi-site operators, who could then benefit from the same data and insight that the largest multi-site brands have access to, but without the same level of investment – enter NCR Silver by Centegra.   For the last 10 years, Centegra’s core point of […]

Making stock management easier

Stock management is crucial to ensuring that you have the right produce and ingredients at the right time and improve cost efficiencies. You can make sure your business is fully utilising your stockpile and inventory by using the Centegra EPOS system in your cafe, restaurant, bar or other hospitality trade. By using CentegraPlus, our EPOS system with Stock Control Software, you can keep track of your stock, what you sell, what you need to purchase and how to make the most of your best sellers! Our system logs the recipes for each menu item and uses this to suggest your orders. This allows you to order your stock in the most advantageous way boosting your cost-efficiency and essentially generating a profit larger than you’re receiving right now. You’ll also reduce the businesses daily waste because you won’t be buying in excess stock that won’t be used. You’ll avoid those errors that are regularly made by […]

Reduce overheads in the restaurant and quick-service trade using CentegraPlus

Brexit is proving to be a challenge for many in the restaurant, quick-service and hospitality industry, with an increase in the minimum wage and the exchange rate of the pound being at a low. According to new research by accountancy firm Moore Stephens, 20% of restaurants in the UK are threatened with closure because of increasing costs. Uncertain finances are a known sector challenge, but the current market is above the norm. So how do you overcome this? Delivery-only sites and pop-up kitchens to keep the main investment level down on a property is one approach. It is considered a smart move to avoid the capital expenditure and is supported by the growth in delivery services such as Deliveroo, Just Eat and Hungry House. But, this can also have a negative impact on in-house ambience and footfall. Moreover, customers are looking for engagement and an experience. So, what other solutions are there? Many leading sector […]

February Epos Newsletter

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Data Retention Policy Updated

To provide unmatched analytical possibilities, all our tills sales are uploaded to our cloud system, which stores, backs up, and processes data in real time to provide reporting and analysis. However, over the years, sales accumulated, and accumulated, and by now we have 100 of millions of transactions stored on our cloud servers, because of this massive amount of data we have to consider how in the longer term we can continue to provide this data to uses in a timely manner.

The Business Intelligence system

We believe we are still the only EPOS Company to offer a fully integrated Business Intelligence and Analytics solution in the market.  But what is Business Intelligence and how can it help you manage your business?

Centegra delivers results at Kia Oval

Centegra, NCRs delivery partner in the UK, implemented EPOS at the Kia Oval.. see the press release.