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We work closely with our online ordering partners to ensure Centegra Plus enhances the solution they provide.


For hospitality businesses, online ordering became an essential sales channel during the pandemic. Regardless of size or store network, many different types of businesses took advantage of what digital ordering platforms had to offer.  Managing an omni sales channel strategy has become an integral part of a brand’s operations.  This needs to be managed effectively and the data analysed to ensure complete insight is available to members of each team, so that all capabilities of the platform are fully uiltised.  Future decisions can also be made based on trends, store performance and profitability.   


Working closely with our technology partners enables our clients to manage an omni sales channel strategy and take advantage of all the reporting and analytical tools available. As our clients have grown and the industry has evolved to meet customer demand and changing consumer behaviour we’ve formed some great relationships with technology partners.


QikServe is a partner we work closely with, where we’ve built a strong working relationship over the last few years. Working together, we ensure the needs of our customers are met, and that they’re all able to benefit from the many features that both Centegra Plus and QikServe have to offer.  Integrations are essential; whether a customer orders in person, or online, every order needs to be communicated to the kitchen management system, so there is no single point of failure.


From the point of sale to the kitchen management system Centegra Plus ensures the front-end operations are efficient and adapted for the business. The cloud based platform also provides quick and easy access to reporting and analytical tools. 


Our clients can easily access and retrieve this data and reporting from any device and whichever store they’re located at.  Being able to compare like for like sales across seasonal periods or specific days of the week, allows hospitality businesses to drill down to the data that matters and work towards their goal of digitally transforming.


Centegra works in partnership with QikServe to ensure the two platforms are successfully integrated and work in harmony to achieve our customers’ objectives.  


The strength of this partnership is proving to be a great asset in the USA where we’re currently working together to provide a customer with a fully integrated digital ordering solution that will allow their guests to have a seamless ordering experience. 


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