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Going digital used to be something that smaller hospitality businesses had a choice over.  


It was something they were possibly considering for the future.


The pandemic changed all that.  It pushed digital to the top of the agenda and was no longer something restaurant owners could ignore or push to one side.  


Businesses have had to quickly adapt, leading to widespread digital transformation across the hospitality sector.

In order to survive, multiple sales channels have had to be developed, communication between these channels and the kitchen has had to be established or improved and customer loyalty built across each sales channel.


But this rapid change has left huge gaps in how different technologies are working together to achieve the desired outcome and digitally building a relationship doesn’t come easy.  It’s essential that the technology platforms used are ‘speaking to each other’ and the data generated is fully utilised.


The ordering process, in- store customer service, delivery or collection all combine to provide an overall experience.  If at any stage these are affected and fall short of expectation, the customer experience is damaged.



Through our partnerships with other technology platforms, we work together to achieve digital transformation.


YoYo provides hospitality businesses with a platform that digs deep into consumer behaviour, through their loyalty and rewards software.  By way of a digital loyalty app, businesses are able to retain existing customers by rewarding them for their patronage, attracting new customers through sign up rewards, engaging with them based on customer insights and analytics, and growing frequency and basket value.


Centegra Plus enables businesses to automate, integrate and consolidate multiple sales channels to provide a seamless approach to managing each site and always have the reporting capabilities to drill down to the data that matters.


Once specific sales channels have been adopted, integrated and consolidated, the innovation shouldn’t stop.


Creating an experience starts with having seamless back of house operations and utilising data to ensure you’re always able to adapt and react to changes in consumer behaviour and the external environment.  


·      Compare like for like sales over any given period and at individual stores

·      Create trial products and understand whether they’ve been successful

·      Integrate stock management ensuring items are available to the customer

·      Alter menus easily and update allergen information

·      See which products are the most profitable



Consolidating all platforms into Centegra Plus saves time, gives employees the tools they need to be efficient and allows them to concentrate on other aspects of the day to day management.  It provides them with the data to analyse, measure, compare and continuously improve to make the customer experience better.


The technology works to automate and integrate different aspects of restaurant operations and ensures stages of the process are optimised to provide a high level of customer satisfaction.


Individual technology solutions that don’t integrate fail to deliver on the desired outcome for the business and the customer.


Integrating individual technology platforms empowers every hospitality business to deliver a better product, an enhanced customer experience and a tailored reward programme based on real time data.


The partnership between Centegra Plus and YoYo allows businesses to take advantage of the two platforms and utilise the benefits of integration, increased innovation and business growth potential. 


Automate, integrate and consolidate and create a better experience – for the customer, the business and its employees.





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