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Casual dining

Centegra Plus is a tailored solution for casual dining restaurants and streamlines every aspect of the operations.

Have a solution that enables you to compete in today’s market and to meet the needs of today’s customer.

From the point of sale, to the reporting and data anlytics, we link the front and back of house technologies to deliver seamless processes tailored to your individual restaurant or network of sites.

Integrate sales channels, including delivery partners and communicate orders directly to the kitchen management system.

Integrate inventory management, elimating wastage and improving the profitability of every restaurant.

Have access to real time analytics and run reports that give real insight into every part of the operations.

Automate, integrate and consolidate your Digital Strategy with Centegra Plus

The Digital Restaurant

Quick Service Restaurants

A high volume, fast paced environment, where business doesn’t stop requires a consolidation platform that means queues are a thing of the past, a strong loyal customer base is built, sales are increased and the efficiency of each Quick Service Restaurant is maximised.

We deliver EPOS systems that are bespoke to each network of restaurants with full integration of all sales channels including self service kiosks and delivery partners.

With Centega Plus, maximising the customer experience through every sales channel is achieved.  We integrate your digital partners and give you access to a wealth of data to analyse and make data driven decisions to continuously improve the performance of every site.

  The Digital RestaurantThe Digital Kitchen

Cloud Kitchens

Also known as dark kitchens and ghost kitchens, cloud kitchens are entirely focused on food preparation and delivery.

A cloud kitchen is a distribution point for multiple brands to be delivered through delivery partners to customers on demand.

We integrate all delivery partners into each kitchen management system, giving every Cloud Kitchen complete control over orders and production.  

Centegra Plus  integrates  inventory management reducing wastage and improving profitability of stock control.  

Through complete consolidation, every Cloud Kitchen can gather real time data and insights so you can manage menus, production and sales channels better.
The Digital RestaurantThe Digital KitchenThe Digital Restaurant Management

Food Halls

Food halls showcase many different types of food and feature a range of mini restaurants.

Have an ordering process that is seamless as customers go from concept to concept. 

Create a high level of hospitality experience but with all the efficiency of a Quick Service Restaurant.

With a bespoke EPOS system, full integration of table and counter ordering,  stock management and revenue management, Centegra Plus brings all data into one consolidation solution.

We give you the flexibility and agility to create individual experiences, while having the data to continuously improve the front and back of house operations.
The Digital RestaurantThe Digital Kitchen