Training is the most important part of
what we do ...

It’s vital that when we install NCR silver in individual restaurants that all staff members understand how to use it, make the most of it and realise the value that all the different benefits it can bring.

Operating the system, setting up custom table plans and seeing all orders in one place and are just some of the fantastic benefits of such an EPOS system.

What makes our training so beneficial?

We pride ourselves on the training sessions we deliver to ensure every aspect of a new EPOS system is communicated to each member of a client’s team.

Every member of Centegra’s team has hospitality experience.

What does that mean for our clients?

From hotels to casual dining brands, our valued team members have different experiences across the industry which means have a thorough and practical understanding of what matters to the front end teams of restaurants.

It doesn’t just end when the training session stops.

We operationally support every restaurant and because of our range of experience across the team, we understand the issues that a site may have and how quickly these issues can become business impacting.

We’ve been training Iberica’s teams for over 10 years now …

We’ve installed EPOS systems across Iberica’s portfolio of restaurants during the many years of working with the team and we’ve delivered many training sessions for their teams across London and in Leeds. Initially the language barrier meant that these sessions used to be lengthy, as the majority of the staff are Spanish. As the years passed Iberica recruited an in-house Training Manager, meaning we’re now able to train just one person who is able to roll this out across the business.

Creating a seamless process from installation to equipping the front end staff with everything they need to know to operate NCR silver is all part of the how we work with our clients.

“Training is a huge part of what we do. One of the most important things is making the process efficient and ensuring the information is effectively communicated. We take the time to allow staff members to try out the system and practically get to grips with it while we’re there to provide any additional support needed. It’s also vital they’re able to understand everything that a new system can bring to a restaurant. Our training delivery enhances the value of every single solution we deliver.”

Matt Burgwin, Projects, Installations and Training Manager

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