Utilising Data to Increase Profitability in your 
Hospitality Business

One of the huge benefits of Centegra Plus is the data a hospitality business can access. We often talk about using this data to make informed decisions that positively impact on the business, but how can a Digital Enterprise really use this data to increase profitability?

Analyse individual site performance


The performance of different sites can vary according to a number of factors, including the geographical area, demographic and seasonal fluctuations. Integrating loyalty and reward partners into your central platform allows a business to target specific offers and incentives to increase demand where dips in sales are being experienced. Specific sales data provides a greater understanding of consumer behaviour and makes tailoring promotions and offers more effective across the business.

Improve the range of products and channels of distribution


Businesses have to continually evolve their range of products to ensure they’re offering what consumers want. They also have to look at how their consumers spend their money. Launching trial products, assessing the top sellers and having access to that data allows a hospitality business to gauge the interest in a specific product and decide whether that product is rolled out further, improved or the range expanded.

Similarly, if a delivery partner sales channel has been hugely successful, then the data provides the evidence a business needs to expand that area of the omni sales channels strategy. 


Create a seamless customer experience


Great customer service starts with integrating technologies from the back of house to the front of house. An integrated kitchen management system prioritises and manages tickets, gives real time knowledge and insight into the order status, and gathers data reports to manage productivity across sites. Poor productivity loses a business money - having the data enables processes to be streamlined and those losses eliminated.

A Point of Sale system can inform staff members of unavailable items so they can keep the customer informed when they’re making menu choices. Linking directly to the kitchen, the POS systems need to work in sync with the rest of the Digital Kitchen operation, providing crucial data to continuously improve the performance of all aspects of the Digital Restaurant.


Manage Revenue


Tracking the cash / revenue streams are vital to establishing which sales channels are most effective and where this revenue has come from. Data can then be fully utilised to understand why specific channels have seen a drop or increase, and decisions can be taken to either capitalise on this or reduce the impact.

Integrating revenue management ensures there’s complete control of cash and tips including all revenue that has been collected by 3rd party sales channels, loyalty and gift cards. This eliminates revenue losses, so every bit of cash is accounted for.


Manage Inventory

Integrating stock management into your centralised system is a necessity. Automating inventory control, the adjustment of stock controls and accurate reporting are all vital ways in which technology can play its part in optimising the operations.

Data which includes stock counts and stock movements with recipes by sales channel becomes integral to controlling inventory, keeping costs down, ensuring customer demand can be met and gives a business the flexibility to scale up or scale down according to business performance.

Integrate, automate and consolidate your digital strategy. 

Centegra Plus gives every hospitality business the insight to make data driven decisions that positively impact business growth.

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