Introducing our new partner:

We are thrilled to announce a new partner to Centegra Plus– Arch !

The brand might be fairly new to the market, but they’ve been hospitality focused for much longer and share many of the values that our business and solution is built on.

As a kiosk, app, at table and click and collect partner, Arch is a tech company who have a thorough understanding of what the hospitality sector needs from an ordering platform. They’ve created a solution that satisfies a number of criteria for the restaurant while delivering a platform that customers want to use … and often.

It’s simple to integrate too.

“Arch have been great to work with. They followed all the documentation, making the process easy and simple. We’re looking forward to continuing the partnership as we build the functionality of the integration.”

Ian Chapman
Technical Director, Centegra

Centegra Plus provides the back office capabilities, connecting Arch kiosk, app, at table and click and collect sales with the kitchen management system, revenue management and inventory control. Restaurants not only benefit from having four ways to order in one solution, but when it’s integrated with Centegra Plus, they can gain real time data and insights into where sales have come from, what time of day specific products have been sold and they can also see how efficient the entire process has been from order received to customer delivery.

Strong relationships are built on having the same values. We both aim to deliver a solution that is tailored to the restaurant, with all the support that’s needed and where we’ve been working jointly on mutual clients , we’ve been able to see first hand how successful this integration is.

“It’s been great to see restaurants that rely on Centegra taking advantage of our comprehensive omni-channel ordering solution . For us, it’s a simple sell. It’s got to be something that your customers want to use and that’s what we’ve designed the platform around. It’s just about usability though, the flexibility of Arch offers the agility that QSR brands need . Integrating with Centegra Plus, enhances this further, providing a wealth of benefits to our clients and theirs alike.”

Neri Malinas , 
CEO, Arch

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