The Future is Enterprise Centric

The Future is Centegra Plus

An enterprise centric strategy gives you the platform to enable the best technologies for your multi outlet business across quick service, restaurants, cafés, bars, pubs, parks, attractions, and mixed-use venues including retail. Control all sales channels, menus, kitchens, revenue, operations, and reporting with unlimited access and use of your data.
Create a platform that is entirely tailored to your needs
Consistently deliver across all sales channels
Eliminate the headache of managing menus across delivery partners
Generate efficiencies in enterprise management and reporting
Integrate to the digital partners of your choice
Manage effective communication from one single kitchen production system

Discover the benefits of an Enterprise Centric Strategy.

Centegra Plus puts the enterprise platform at the centre of your digital strategy, providing one common reporting and integrations engine to drive your business forward.

Have accessible data from one platform

We give you Enterprise and Store level Reporting all from one consolidated platform. Standardise reporting requirements from different sales channels across multiple venues, giving you the clear picture at store and enterprise level. Reduce training, improve efficiency and consistency in every part of your hospitality business with granular level detail.

Unleash the power of your data

Centegra Plus delivers granular level data giving you unrestricted use of your data in real time. Make data driven decisions that drive the growth in specific areas of restaurants, venues, and food outlets. With the Centegra Plus APIs your data has no limits and can be extended quickly and easily to all the third-party systems you need to manage and control your business.

Fully utilise online platforms

Having an enterprise centric strategy means you can mix and match sales channels to meet your specific needs, drive change, encourage innovation and free your business from the constraints of POS Centric solutions.

Drive cost efficiencies into the heart of the business

Different systems from different digital partners are costly and ineffective. Consolidating core systems in to one platform saves money, provides one point for all support, simplifies, or removes integrations. We work to understand your business, contribute to the strategy and vision and help you gain full benefits from technology and the digital age.

Choose the right solutions

Freeing the business from POS Centric solutions gives the business freedom to choose the right partner for every operation, whether that is kiosk, mobile, delivery, inventory, labour other systems. Have the freedom to deliver your digital plans, reduce costs, improve efficiencies, and fully utilise every bit of data. It also allows you to easily change vendors, putting the power back in your hands.

Seize every opportunity

With all the data in one enterprise centric platform, you can seize every opportunity. From production planning, recipe adjustments, control of allergen and food data, to managing product graphics and descriptions, there are huge opportunities to innovate, streamline efficiencies and continuously improve every aspect of the business and its sites across multiple venues, restaurants, and food outlets.

Who We Work With

What our customers say...

With over 20 years’ experience of transforming major hospitality brands, it’s what we do best. That’s why we’re a trusted and valued partner in transformational hospitality tech.
  • “Centegra are not just good tech partners, they are part of the family. They’ve been by our side as we challenged the parameters of what’s achievable in a new digitised restaurant environment. From the basics of a low-cost POS solution in 2004, to the more complicated infrastructure and reporting requirements that support kiosk ordering, app and loyalty, third party integration, full KMS implementation and BI tools they’ve been by our side the whole time. Centegra think like operators, not POS people. Now that’s invaluable”.
    Glenn Edwards - Managing Director
    LEON Restaurants
  • “Centegra have been an integral strategic partner for us as we have rapidly grown and developed the Coco di Mama brand and estate, always adapting with flexibility to our business and customer needs at pace and not least at the time of crisis during the pandemic when true partnerships have endured.

    Centegra continue to support us with flexibility as we develop our digital customer journey with timely integrations with our third party providers.
    Jim Atwood - Managing Director
    Coco Di Mama
  • “Since we implemented Centegra Plus we’ve been able to consolidate NCR Silver POS and Click and Collect into our automated kitchens, giving us complete control and reportability across all our parks.

    Working with the team at Centegra has transformed our operations and enabled us to continually improve the entire guest experience. More importantly it has enabled complete enterprise control and reporting and reduced the internally work required to manage a disparate and complex network of venues.”
    Dave Willner - National Director of Food and Beverage
    Sun Communities Inc

Our Integrations

Centegra Plus integrates a broad ‘off the shelf’ range of third party partners, utilising multiple tools including a very rich set of APIs, real time data feeds and automated data integrations.

Our structured approach uses the latest technologies allowing integrations to be built quicky and efficiently.

Don’t be constrained by a lack of choice.

We give you the freedom to choose the best digital partners, allowing you to run your business exactly how you wish.