Menu Management

Menu Management allows a hospitality business to manage menus in one place, giving every head office complete control over pricing and product changes through delivery partners.

Manage Menus in One Place

The consumer demands that they’re able to order their favourite products at a time which suits them through a sales channel that’s most convenient.

That can present problems for every Digital Enterprise. Most restaurants are now managing breakfast, brunch, lunch, evening and snack menus, across a number of sales channels, all which need to be controlled and managed.

The Menu Management add on feature transforms every hospitality business’ ability to control product changes across delivery partners and other sales channels in various locations across the UK.

Updates to menus can be made at any time
All menu changes can be published simultaneously
Delivery partners Uber Eats and Just Eat can be integrated
Managing menus separately across different digital partners is time consuming and costly. It also increases the chance of errors that can in turn take up more time and cost more money to put right.

Menu Building

Whether you’re just altering individual product prices, adding or removing an item, we make it simple to administer and easy to push updates to various destinations. Take advantage of the following features:
Control at HQ level and/or by individual sites with rights protected
Uses existing product database to store key attributes (including name, description, pricing, calories and image). There’s no need to duplicate the same details per channel or per menu
Category, product, modifier group and modifier item ordering with a structured menu based on requirements
The flexibility to override product descriptions for menus so you can keep your ‘reporting name’ in Centegra Plus but also have a more customer facing name
The flexibility to override product pricing for individual locations in the same menu, so there’s no need for duplicate menus if the pricing varies
The ability to copy menus and work on copies for large menu updates
A modifier group feature to assign modifier pricing. There’s no need to assign modifiers individually to items but just assign the group and with the option set to a different price if the product is added as a modifier

What is Centegra Plus?

Centegra Plus is one consolidated platform enabling every restaurant to:
Track the flow of cash from the point of sale to the bank
Monitor cash and revenue with digital cash sheets and cash reconciliation
Manage individual store performance
Have dash boarding and automated reporting, drag and drop analytics, KPIs and management reporting that give you unprecedented management control.

Menu Publishing

Menus can be published by location, pushing all menus to all channels for individual locations. If a location has multiple menus in use at the same destination, like breakfast and lunch for example, changes to menus can be published.
Menus can be published to different digital channels for multiple locations
Menus can be published by menu combinations to multiple locations all at once
Menus can be validated where checks are run to ensure key aspects aren’t missing, like price for example
When Menu Management is integrated into the central hospitality tech solution, Centegra Plus, you’re putting innovation and efficiency at the heart of the business.

Centegra Plus empowers every Digital Enterprise to utilise the data in any way you wish, giving you unprecedented management control.

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