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Founded in 2002, Centegra was the UK’s first cloud based hospitality EPOS solution. We delivered centrally integrated solutions, (which was the inspiration behind the name Centegra), enabling us to reduce the total cost of ownership by eliminating the need for on site servers and high cost on site maintenance by centralising the data in our own data centre. Building on this success Centegra developed business analytics to help our clients understand their business and provide efficiencies in head office reporting.
We then went on to develop Centegra Plus as a complete back office solution for advanced reporting, inventory management and revenue management solutions.
In line with our goals of providing digital solutions we made Centegra Plus the central part of the platform. This involved building out a complete API to empower our customers to use their data in any way to enhance their offering, enabling our customers to develop their Digital Restaurants with seamless integrations for Loyalty, Click and Collect, Delivery, Kiosk as well as multiple EPOS systems, bringing all these pieces together and consolidating this data in to one reporting an analytics platform. 

More recently we have built the Digital Kitchen to support our customers expanding delivery options, enabling dark kitchens, central kitchens as well as meeting the demands of omni-channel sales delivery.
Our clients are our partners. We are driven by client requirements, working with them to achieve their goals and develop a solution to meet their needs. We believe in building long term partnerships, because when this is achieved, anything is possible.
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Our Values

As an organisation we build long term relationships both with our workforce, our customers and our partners. Centegra is open, transparent and inclusive where we actively engage at every level with respect and transparency to deliver the highest levels of customer service.
We work in partnership with our customers to enable them to realise their vision and goals through the technology solutions we deliver. Through innovation and integration, we empower operators of complex networks of restaurants and food delivery services to meet and exceed changing customer expectations, which are continuously evolving by what technology is making possible.

We strive to be an outstanding employer, to empower our workforce and support them to achieve excellent results in a fun and rewarding environment.
Tom Bell - Centegra
Tom Bell
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Jon Horsfield
Managing Director
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Lynn Welch
Finance Director
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Ian Chapman
Technical Director
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Giovanni Tona
Operations Manager
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Joanne Clark
Finance Manager
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Dan - Centegra
Dan Belfield
Head of Product
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Adam Streeter
Operations Manager
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