Our Products

Centegra Plus

Users can log in to Centegra Plus from a desktop or mobile device and have access to a rich variety of features.

View real time dashboards
Drill down to transaction levels
Report on all aspects of the restaurants
Access all back office features, including inventory control and revenue management
Point of Sale

Our POS systems are powered by NCR Silver and integrated with Centegra Plus.

It is truly the modern EPOS

We’re the sole distributor of NCR Silver in the UK and USA and are proud to include this next generation product, NCR Silver in our solution.

What is NCR Silver POS?

NCR Silver POS supports integrated loyalty, payment and scanning, and has many more additional features.

We’ve been delivering POS solutions since 2005. We’re an experienced POS provider, launching our first cloud based POS software in 2005 and our solutions have gone from strength to strength.
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Kitchen Management

Have the tools you need to ensure a seamless operation of the digital kitchen. These include both software and hardware.

Connect to the cloud
Connect to the store
Connect to sales
Seamlessly integrate with the Digital Restaurant and have real-time knowledge and insight on orders, status, and their requirements.
Analytics Reporting

Have access to the analytics that matter across an entire network of restaurants or for individual sites.

Compare like for like sales
Have business critical data across dashboards and create tailored reports
Have insights based on real time data to make effective decisions
Manage every aspect of a restaurant with one consolidated solution, Centegra Plus.
Revenue Management

Have transparency and accountability across each restaurant with cash and revenue management.

Track the flow of cash from the point of sale to the bank
Monitor cash and revenue with digital cash sheets and cash reconciliation
Manage individual store performance
All with one consolidated platform from a desktop or mobile device.
Stock Management

Have a stock and inventory management solution that simplifies your digital restaurant management.

Have a clear and transparent picture of ingredient stock levels
Track purchase orders
Manage recipes and menu costs
Manage inventory effectively and consistently across the entire network of restaurants.