Production Planner

Have a production planner that transforms the restaurant’s ability to streamline costs and anticipate demand based on real insights and data.

Stock the right amount of pre-prepared products on any given day
Order the correct amount of ingredients
Accurately anticipate and meet customer demand

The fast paced hospitality environment driven by omni sales channel strategies means that restaurants have to operate with such efficiency that losses need to be analysed and controlled.

Predicting demand can also be time consuming and costly. It increases the chance of wastage and popular products becoming unavailable to the customer at peak times.

It’s also difficult to gauge how many different ingredients are needed at any given time and day of the week.

Having a fully customisable production planner bolt on that gives Digital Restaurants complete scalability over their production, allows stock to be adjusted where demand peaks and dips.
How does it work?

It looks at the average sales and quantities sold and provides a list of what each restaurant needs to prepare up to 7 days in advance. From this information, sales figures can be adjusted, and sheets printed for production to follow.

How can it be customised?

Each production plan can be configured to include selected products.

Products can be grouped together in different sections based on production requirements and times.

A store might have a section for the morning to specify how many pre-made products to make for the day, and then a section broken down into hourly slots to show how many other product types to bake or prepare each hour.

With our Managed Services Team on hand to resolve any issues, it’s a POS solution that ensures you can run the business with seamless front of house operations.

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