Stock Management

Integrate stock management into Centegra Plus and have complete control of inventory levels across individual sites.

Automate inventory control

Automating the adjustment of stock controls and accurate reporting are all vital ways in which Digital Restaurants can control, monitor and track stock levels. Optimise the operations of every Digital Restaurant by simplifying stock management across the whole Digital Enterprise.

Keep costs down

Having electronic ordering, stock counts and stock movements with recipes by sales channel controls inventory, keeps costs down, ensures customer demand can be met and has the flexibility to scale up or scale down according to business performance. Have complete control over each product, ensuring each one is created with accuracy and using the right levels of ingredients.

Understand where the wastage is coming from

To get the root cause of where this waste lies then you need to establish where it is occurring and where that wastage comes from. Integrating inventory control provides accuracy and complete transparency over the entire process. See where these types of variances occur and have the data to make better decisions when it comes to ordering stock, designing menus and reducing food waste.

Allergen Information

Have access to allergen information quickly and easily to show customers and provide further information when necessary.

Centegra Plus empowers every Digital Enterprise to utilise the data in any way you wish, giving you unprecedented management control.

Recieve Orders
Build Loyalty
Achieve Growth