Revenue Management

Track the cash from the point of sale all the way to the bank.

One Centralised System

Centegra Plus integrates revenue management into a centralised system, giving every Digital Restaurant control of cash and tips and all revenue that has been collected by 3rd party sales channels, loyalty and gift cards.
Have transparency and accountability
Manage the cash for each restaurant
Eliminate revenue losses
Account for every single bit of revenue
Analyse business performance

What are the features?

Cash up, flexible and customisable cash up processes
Flexible/customisable setup
Count by quantity or value
Auto count for integrated payment types
Quick cash up and blind cash up
Deposits and reconciliation
Auto deposits and deposit reconciliation for selected payment types
Cash deposits
Deposit adjustment for HQ reconciliation
HQ administrator adjustments
Cash out/cash in
Petty cash management and reason codes
File upload for petty cash receipt
Manage separate petty cash floats through cash on site
Managing floats and balances
Live visibility for on-site cash accounts
Cash account limits and alerts
Cash Events
Custom built events for day-to-day actions, such as floating the till or replenishing the safe
Cash deposits
Safe Counts
Live balance for safe counts
Available for any cash type account
Count by quantity or value
Periods and 3 way reconciliation
End of period process to close the week
Ties all data to a period and locks down all data once a period has closed
HQ overview of site periods, with HQ completion process
Reporting and integrations
Out-of-the-box reports on all areas covered above
Custom reports and extracts an option for day-to-day or end-of-period use

Launching a trial product?

Hospitality businesses can see if this product has been successful.

Want to know if specific campaigns are a success?

Analyse the success of each campaign across multiple delivery partners and other sales channels.

Different revenue streams present a different picture and managing revenue across a Digital Enterprise ensures a clear picture emerges to enable better decision making and closer monitoring of delivery partners.

Centegra Plus is one consolidated platform enabling every restaurant to:
Track the flow of cash from the point of sale to the bank
Monitor cash and revenue with digital cash sheets and cash reconciliation
Manage individual store performance
Have dash boarding and automated reporting, drag and drop analytics, KPIs and management reporting that give you unprecedented management control.

Centegra Plus empowers every Digital Enterprise to utilise the data in any way you wish, giving you unprecedented management control.

Recieve Orders
Build Loyalty
Achieve Growth