Kitchen Management System

Have the right tools to ensure the smooth running of The Digital Kitchen, which includes both the software and the hardware of the kitchen management system

Integrate with multiple sales channels

Orders through delivery partners, kiosk, click and collect and in store ordering are directly communicated to the kitchen. Immediately know which sales channels the orders are coming from and where they are going to.

Eliminate errors and accelerate preparation times.

Manage Tickets

Have accuracy and transparency when it comes to tickets, so they’re able to be dealt with efficiency and managed with precision.

Food Preparation Solution

Our unique food preparation solution predicts production, feeds tickets to the kitchen, reduces labour costs and eliminates wait times.

Total Managed Solution

Our kitchen management systems include software and hardware. They’re both included as a fully managed set up process where our team configure the hardware and arrive on site ready to install the system.

With our managed services team, we are always on hand to support each store and quickly resolve any issues post installation.

Understand your kitchen better

The KMS reporting gives you complete transparency and insight into every kitchen and every site. Know how long some items have taken to prepare and produce, why some have been dispatched late and continually monitor productivity levels.

Plan production, optimise efficiency and deliver a better customer experience.

Recieve Orders
Build Loyalty
Achieve Growth