5 Benefits of a 
Kitchen Management System

Whatever the size of your restaurant, a kitchen management system says goodbye to printed orders and hello to a digitised order system that communicates directly from the sales channel to the restaurant kitchen.

The restaurant of today is managing multiple sales channels on a daily basis. Demand peaks and it dips, depending on the time of day, and as the orders come in, it’s essential there’s a smooth flow as each order moves through the production process.

If you’re thinking of making the move to a kitchen management system, here are 5 fantastic benefits you can expect to experience straight away.

1.   No more errors.  Restaurant kitchens are busy places and there’s no getting away from that. It’s during peak demand that the busy nature of this environment can quickly lead to errors and a lack of understanding where each order is placed in the system. Paper orders can become mixed up or misplaced leading to errors that impact directly on the customer and the business. Kitchen management systems eliminate errors and transform the operational efficiency of the business.

2.   Products are prepared in the right order.  A kitchen management system sorts orders into logical queues. This is essential when orders are being received through different delivery channels, click and collect, kiosk and in-store dining. Once products are being prepared in the correct order, there’s an organised approach to the distribution of orders, individual dietary requirements are incorporated and there’s no unnecessary waste.


3.  Different kitchen areas work more effectively.  If designated areas in the restaurant kitchen are for carrying out separate duties, then the kitchen management system can breakdown information to ensure each area knows what it needs to do to fulfil orders.

4. Bridges the gap between front of house and the back of house operations.  There’s no room for misinterpretation around what customers say they’ve ordered and what they have ordered. Kitchen management systems make orders clear and transparent and front of house staff can inform the customer of the progress of each order.

5. Delivers a better customer experience.  Any system that can make the process quicker, leaner and more organised will always deliver an optimum experience for the customer. Ensuring orders are going out of the door exactly to the specification ordered and to the time needed ensures the customers stay loyal to the brand and the business maximises profits.

We deliver kitchen management systems integrated and consolidated with Centegra Plus. 

Understand your kitchen better and have the ability to run reports at any time to give you better insights into how the business is performing.

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