5 ways to manage your digital restaurant
better through consolidation

From loyalty programmes to omni channel sales, there’s no doubt that managing a digital restaurant has its challenges.

Meeting the very high levels of demand through delivery and click & collect is what’s kept large parts of the hospitality sector going over the last 18 months.

While the pandemic was accelerating changes in consumer behaviour, restaurants had to digitally adapt, quickly. This was mostly around online orders and bringing delivery partners on board, but are digital restaurants missing a trick by not utilising the technology further by consolidating?

How does consolidation aid the management of a digital restaurant?

1. It automates processes.
From integration of the sales channels to HR scheduling, consolidating processes that can create stress and frustration in the back of house operations automates work streams, manages admin and minimises human error ensuring everything is streamlined and working in sync.

2. A clearer picture of stock emerges. 
Menus change, demand peaks and dips and this has to be managed across individual sites and the network as whole. Managing inventory through a consolidated platform eliminates stock variances and reduces costs.

3. Vital analytics are easily accessible.
Digital restaurants generate huge amounts of data. Accessing data for orders through different sales channels, total sales for each store and levels of demand allow for better management and decision making that drives profit and growth.

4. It empowers employees.
Consolidating everything into one platform saves time, gives employees the tools they need to be efficient and allows them to concentrate on other aspects of the day to day management.

5. Digital transformation is complete.
Automation, integration and consolidation is at the heart of digital transformation and means the restaurant has the agility and flexibility to respond to fluctuations, changes and market growth.

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