Are you operating 
an omni sales channel strategy?

Omni sales channels are present in many different sectors as businesses establish different ways in which customers can access, buy and remain loyal to their products.

For the hospitality sector, the adoption and utilisation of channels, such as apps for click and collect, delivery and kiosk ordering has led to many restaurants, outlets and stores having a multi channel approach.  Multiple channels mean mulitple ways in which customers can order, pay for and experience products and services that are consistently the same every time they order.

The difference between operating a multi channel strategy and an omni channel strategy is the connection.  An omni channel strategy aims to connect these channels to ensure the customer has a seamless experience across all platforms.

What are the benefits?

1. Reaches more customers
By linking with multiple delivery partners and apps, more consumers can access, order and take advantage of your products.  These can reach a wider geographical area accelerating growth in a hospitality business.

2. Improves the customer experience. 
Create a seamless experience for the customer and they'll be back time and time again. Whether they order delivery, dine in or click and collect, an omni sales channel strategy ensures the experience is the same throughout. 

3. Generates more data.
Where multiple channels are integrated, the data generated is invaluable to Digital Restaurants, Digital Kitchens and especially the Digital Enterprise. Understand and analyse where sales have come from, which products are most popular, at what times of day and by what channel.  Have access to granular level detail that provides new insights into the business. 

4. Improve employee productivity.
Operating efficient front and back of house operations ensures effective communication from the point of sale or external order source to the kitchen.  Human error is minimised and employees have access to the data they need to understand the business better aiding decision making and optimising the customer service.

The more channels that businesses add to the mix, the greater the need for integration.  Without integration, the restaurant and kitchen operations become frustrating, complex and not cost effective.  Errors also become commonplace.  

What should have been the desired outcome becomes the opposite.

Automation, integration and consolidation of multiple sales channels into one cloud based platform is easy and simple for team members to access, frees up their time and gives the business agility and flexibility it needs to continue to grow and expand its network of sites.

Automate, integrate and consolidate – discover Centegra Plus.

Centegra Plus is a platform tailored for your hospitality business.  

Together with operational support, we work closely with businesses and their partners to ensure the solution adapts and grows as the business does.

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