Case Study
Honest Burgers


The history

For around a decade now Honest Burgers have been cooking pure British beef burgers and homemade rosemary chips that they cut and cooked fresh every day. They have restaurants nationwide nowadays and each manager works to seek out some of the best local growers and producers to collaborate with to create local burgers and finding the best indie beers to serve alongside.

Since the beginning an uncompromising focus on food sourcing and quality and a warm, friendly style has made for a successful business that continues to enjoy growth today.

We’ve worked with the team since 2020 when the business was experiencing problems managing the till system across the network of restaurants. Orders weren’t being effectively communicated to the kitchen management system and this was causing operational complexities.

The Process

When we began working with the team at Honest Burgers, we took ownership of the historical issues that were affecting the business and began onboarding them onto the Centegra Plus platform. This, combined with Honest Burgers changing to a new IT supplier, meant we worked very closely with all parties involved, to ensure the process was a smooth as possible.

Centegra began working the team during a period of immense change across the hospitality sector but we were able to build the ultimate platform which is tailored to the business and has the data the business needs to continually adapt, change and grow.

The Result

Having access to the right data and consolidating it all into one platform has enabled the Honest Burgers’ operations team to have a wealth of data at their fingertips. Reports are generated instantly, and opportunities are maximised by being able to make comparisons and manage sales channels.

Honest Burgers

Operational Support Manager

at Honest Burgers
“Centegra’s professionalism and knowledge from the start has meant we were able to install and implement changes across the whole company at record pace. The team go above and beyond, and when we experience a technical issue, the operational support team works to resolve it quickly.

They work alongside our operational team, providing invaluable help and support. It is a pleasure to work with them and our calls asking for more are always met with enthusiasm”