Case Study
IBERICA Restaurants

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The history

We started working with Iberica when their journey began in 2008 and their mission was simple: To introduce authentic Spanish cuisine to the UK, where a flare for Spanish food seemed to be lacking. They wanted to create an authenticity to Spanish dining and add to the overall dining experience.

Once the first restaurant opened in London, more sites steadily opened in the capital and they now operate one additional restaurant and bar in Leeds

The Process

Part of developing a close relationship with our clients has meant that we’re able to continually advise and support them with the latest hospitality tech solutions.

Since we first started working with Iberica Restaurants, we’ve installed four different POS Systems which have reflected the changing technology available, from our initial offering of a server onsite system (Task Manager), we then moved to an early form of web enabled POS (Swiftpos). Then it was on to the first fully web-based POS in the UK (Quest Enterprise Manager), before recently migrating over to fully installed and cloud based NCR Silver Restaurant Pro.

Throughout the process, Centegra have provided a Head Office, centralised reporting solution so that no matter what was being used front of house, all integrations and data is available in the same place and format.

Training of the individual restaurant teams where English isn’t their first language was also a challenge, but as training has always been a part of what Centegra offers, this has proved to be invaluable. Once the POS systems have been installed we take the time to go through the systems and make sure they understand how to use it and are able to fully benefit.

Operating several sites and different digital partners is also challenging, but with Centegra Plus at the heart of the solution integrating NCR Silver, HR and booking systems, they are able to access all the information from across the network of restaurants from a centrally consolidated system that’s cloud based.

The result 

Our relationship with Iberica Restaurants has gone from strength to strength, and they have a solution that can continually adapt and move with the business. It has streamlined efficiencies in every part of each restaurant and with the additional operational support and training that we provide, they have a supplier they can rely on.

In fact, Iberica has now recruited an in-house Training Manager, meaning we’re now able to train just one person who is able to roll this out across the business.

What Iberica Says

David Sierra – Iberica Restaurants
“Centegra is our trusted supplier who we know can deliver. We have built a fantastic relationship with their team over the years and wouldn’t move anywhere else. The operational support is invaluable and has become one of the most important aspects of the solution, along with the data that we can access.

This allows us to continually improve our business and our restaurant teams benefit from all the features that NCR Silver brings to improving the way they operate and delivering an optimum customer experience.”