Digital Transformation in the Hospitality Sector

Restaurants have been leading the way in the digital transformation of the hospitality sector, enabling them to adapt and change to meet the demands of the consumer. Like in other sectors, the pandemic has accelerated changes in consumer behaviour meaning organisations have had to adapt quickly and transform as organisations of the future.

But where a crisis loomed, opportunities have arisen. Opportunities for growth.

The demand for delivery surged, and many restaurants had to establish themselves as delivery only, operating a number of different delivery partners as the main sales channels.

The expectations of the customer increased. Work and down time all centred around the home created demand that was varied and more consistent during the day and throughout the week.

But as the hospitality enters the post pandemic era, how digital has your restaurant become?

• Are you managing delivery partners from a multitude of devices?

• Do the sales channels communicate directly with the kitchen management system?

• Are you experiencing variances in stock across individual restaurants?

If the operations have become increasingly complex and difficult to manage, it’s time to automate the operations by consolidating the sales channels, delivery partners, stock management and a host of other partners.

But why?

1. Automation minimises human error. Increasing the overall accuracy is cost effective and also frees up time for employees to focus on the other aspects of running the restaurant.

2. The customer experience is enhanced. This is impacted by the ability to browse products based on their preferences, and the ability to order food through multiple sales channels. By being able to integrate loyalty programmes, have access to the data to make changes to menus and to tailor promotions the customer experience is optimised.

3. Make changes to products and pricing. This can be across the entire network of restaurants and delivery partners.

4. Data can be tracked. Know where your sales are coming from and where demand lies. Make informed decisions around inventory, make changes to menus, and track individual store sales, all based on real time analytics.

5. It’s the complete restaurant management system. Various sales channels, multiple sites, different levels of demand, changing menus and stock inventory present huge challenges. Monitor, measure and make decisions that matter with reporting data that gives real insight into every restaurant.

A digital restaurant uses technology to improve the engagement and experience of customers whilst streamlining the business operations.

Centegra Plus delivers the complete digital solution to your restaurant. Talk to one of the team today and make your restaurant digital.

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