How does managing a digital strategy through integration transform
your hospitality business?

Throughout the past few years, demand for online ordering, click and collect and delivery services have steadily, and at times, rapidly increased. Restaurants have had to quickly get on board with new ways of running their hospitality businesses as consumers have enjoyed the flexibility of being able to enjoy the food they love from the comfort of their own home.

Adopting more than one delivery partner, managing these across multiple sites and linking all the sales channels to the kitchen have become headaches for restaurants, which have stifled the innovation that these digital platforms can bring to a business.

• How does a restaurant manage a digital strategy to grow the delivery channels?

• How does a restaurant aim to increase profitability across the business?

• How does a hospitality business iron out inefficiencies throughout the entire network of sites?

A key part of transforming digitally is integrating the different technologies which have been adopted, but what are the benefits of full integration?

1. Eliminates errors 


When each delivery, click and collect and loyalty and reward partner is integrated into one solution, the information is accessible from one mobile device, whether that’s a tablet or laptop. There’s no risk of orders being missed through multiple devices.


2. Creates a seamless process


When these sales channels are integrated with the kitchen management system, instead of relying on printed orders, these are seamlessly communicated to the kitchen, further eliminating errors and increasing the efficiency of the entire process.


3. Generates a wealth of data


The customer is king and the data around the customer is invaluable. Understand how the kitchen has performed, whether orders have been delayed and why. Know where your peak demand lies, which products are top sellers and which aren’t. There are no limits to the insights you can gain about every aspect of your restaurants.


4. Reduce stock variances


Integration shouldn’t and doesn’t stop at sales channels and back of house technologies. Stock management can be integrated too, automating the adjustment and allergen information of stock across different sites. Costs can be reduced, stock wastage eliminated, and data generated.


5. Understand where profit lies


See where money is being made and where it isn’t. When digital partners are integrated and consolidated into one solution, there’s a better understanding of where maximum revenue is occurring and if the loyalty and reward programmes are successful. Track the cash from each revenue stream all the way to the bank.


Centegra Plus is one complete solution that allows hospitality businesses to integrate and consolidate their digital strategy.

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