Managing multiple restaurants needs to be simple.
What challenges does a digital enterprise face?

Digital Enterprises operating a number of sites needs agility, efficiency and strong partnerships through the digital solutions they adopt, but managing multiple Digital Restaurants also needs to be simple.

Various sales channels, multiple sites, different levels of demand, changing menus and inventory present huge challenges for a Digital Enterprise. 

So, what are the main challenges?
1. Managing Orders  

Operating an omni channel solution is complex when the systems aren't in place to manage these orders effectively.

EPOS transactions, delivery partners, kiosks and click and collect all need to be managed effectively across the network of stores, ensuring the customer experience is optimised and the back of house operations are streamlined.

2. Managing Stock

Menus are changing all the time in an enterprise that manages a number of sites across a wide geographical area.  Recipe management is a key factor in ensuring products ordered are delivered on time and to specification.  

But tracking inventory becomes a challenge and can quickly lead to ineffective cost management on a transaction by transaction basis.

3. Managing Revenue

Revenue in a Digital Restaurant is more than just cash management, bank deposits and reconsiliation.  Different revenue streams present a different picture and managing revenue across the board ensures a clear picture emerges to enable better decision making and closer monitoring of delivery partners.

Data lies at the heart of a Digital Enterprise.  Without it the right decisions can't be made.

So how do restaurants access the right data?

Every Digital Restaurant should have the tools to measure, manage and make decisions based on real time data.  

Data that saves them time and gives them the answers they need quickly.

-  Make sales comparisons across individual stores or the business performance as a whole

-  Monitor inventory levels and have accurate stock figures

-  Assess the performance of specific products or seasonal offers

If every restaurant has access to the data they require on a desktop or any mobile device, then team members are in the know at any time and wherever they are based.

Have the data and have the insight.

~ Interrograte the data

~ Drill down into the data

~ Refine your ideas

Through automation, integration and consolidation, different menus can be developed and demand can be met by creating simple product set ups and recipe management that change according to the channel that each sale comes through.

Production can be planned and order scheduled that integrate with the Digital Kitchen.

A Digital Enterprise needs to combine their strong branding and great products with innovative technology that enables a model to work for the business and its customers.

Centegra Plus is a platform tailored for your Digital Enterprise.  

We reduce the complexities around operating a Digital Enterprise.

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