Natasha’s Law. What you need to know and why.

Natasha’s Law is already making an impact both for businesses and allergen sufferers.

Following a tragic death caused by a severe reaction to a pre-prepared baguette, the government set out plans to implement a law to protect those with allergens and allow them to make safe choices.

What does it mean for my business?

Currently food which is prepared on premises doesn’t have to display allergen information on food labels. This can result in a lack of consumer confidence about the food they’re buying and what it contains.

As of October 2021, Natasha’s Law will come into effect, but many businesses have already started to prepare, developing clear labelling for any prepacked products for direct sale (PPDS).

Whether you operate a small café or deli, or you are part of a larger franchised network operating multiple sales channels, you must show all the ingredients on individual packaging.

Pubs and restaurants aren’t directly affected but many of these establishments are being encouraged, where possible, to clearly show ingredients.

What is PPDS food?
PPDS is food which is packaged on the premises where it is sold to consumers. The product has to be in this packaging before it is either selected or ordered. These foods can include ones that have been displayed and then selected or food sold from mobile units.

If you’re not sure whether the products you sell come under the classification of prepacked products for direct sale, there are various criteria where you can check.

Food that isn’t classed as PPDS
• Products that at the time of order is not in packaging or is packaged.
These are known as non-prepacked food and do not require a label featuring the ingredients and allergens. Allergen information must still be provided but this can be done via other means including verbally.
• Food that has been packed by one business and supplied to another business.

This is prepacked food and already must have full labelling, including the name of the food and a full ingredient list, with allergenic ingredients emphasised within it.

Distance selling
The new labelling requirements do not apply to PPDS food sold via the phone or online.

Businesses selling PPDS food this way will need to ensure that mandatory allergen information is available to the consumer before they purchase the product and also at the moment of delivery.

Examples of PPDS food
• Sandwiches and bakery products which are packed on site before a consumer selects or orders them.
• Fast food packed before it is ordered, such as a burger under a hot lamp where the food cannot be altered without opening the packaging.
• Products which are pre-packaged on site ready for sale, such as pizzas, rotisserie chicken, salads and pasta pots.
• Burgers and sausages pre-packaged by a butcher on the premises ready for sale to consumers.
• Samples of cookies given to consumers for free which were packed on site.
• Foods packaged and then sold elsewhere by the same operator at a market stall or mobile site.
• PPDS food provided in schools, care homes or hospitals and other similar settings will also require labelling.

Ensuring compliancy through technology

Utilise technology to provide accurate and reliable data that ensures each and every site is compliant. Having a consolidated platform is the most effective way of managing menus, products and stock inventory.

Track and trace every product and every order.

Make changes to products, menus, and breakdown every recipe to have a full list of nutritional information available. Every time a new product is added, the allergen information is updated giving you control and peace of mind that you have all the necessary information to ensure you remain compliant.

With many businesses in the hospitality sector looking forward to better times, make sure you have the systems in place to ensure your business is prepared for the up and coming changes.

Be ready and be compliant.

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