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In hospitality, the experience is everything.


It’s the reason customers return, recommend it to a friend or family member or to celebrate a special occasion in a specific venue.


The customer experience is channelled to the customer in many different ways.


There’s the ordering, the customer service, and the dining which all combine to provide an overall experience.  If at any point those fall short, then it’s the experience that starts to become negative.


Technology works to automate and integrate different aspects of restaurant operations and ensures stages of the process are optimised to provide a high level of customer satisfaction.


Through our partnerships with other technology platforms, we work together to achieve digital transformation.


Toggle allows consumers to give an experience either physically or digitally to someone else and empower hospitality businesses to develop different gift cards, experiences, bundles and retail products for this purpose.


Centegra Plus enables businesses to automate, integrate and consolidate multiple sales channels to provide a seamless approach to managing each site and always have the reporting capabilities to drill down to the data that matters. 

•  Compare like for like sales over any given period



• Create trial products and understand whether it’s truly been successful


• See which products are the most profitable

Developing gift experiences can be tailored to seasonal demand, specific days of the year and previous custom.

·      Create unique gifts

·      Develop unique experiences based on sales and customer data

·       Increase customer loyalty


Individual technology solutions that don’t integrate fail to deliver on the desired outcome.  


Integrating technology platforms empowers every hospitality business to deliver a better product, an optimised experience and a tailored loyalty programme based on actual data.


The partnership between Centegra Plus and Toggle allows businesses to take advantage of the different platforms and utilise the many benefits of integration, encouraging innovation and increasing business growth.  


Find a solution that incorporates the platforms that will enable your business to grow.


Automate, integrate and consolidate and create a better experience – for the customer and a new audience.

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