Welcome to 
Giovanni Tona 

This month we’ve welcomed Giovanni Tona into the team as Operations Manager, and we’re delighted.


With extensive experience across a number of well known hospitality brands, we’re thrilled to have him on board and we welcome him into the Centegra family.


His portfolio includes Red Carnation Boutique Hotels, Oriel Restaurant, Strada Restaurants, Wagamama, Busaba and more recently Simple Health Kitchen.


Giovanni is well accustomed to Centegra Plus.  His role at Simple Health Kitchen was solely focused on working with it and ensuring the company was using it to its maximum potential.  In doing this he developed a particular interest in the reporting and inventory aspects of the solution.


Working closely with our Operational team meant we developed an excellent working relationship with Giovanni and he got the opportunity to understand how we work and what working at Centegra means to the team.  

“The more time I spent working with Centegra Plus, the more I could see the amount of depth and adaptability that it can offer. Another aspect which impressed me was that most of the Centegra team has been there since I joined Simple Health Kitchen four years ago.  They always sounded happy to be there and a high employee retention rate plus happy staff isn’t something you often see (especially in London). So, when it was time for me to make a move, Centegra was my first choice to start this new chapter of my career.”


With an in depth understanding of the hospitality industry and Centegra Plus, Giovanni is the perfect fit for the role he’s in and we’re really looking forward to the insights and expertise he’ll bring to the business.