We're excited to announce our new
Production Planning Feature

The hospitality sector is continually evolving and it’s vital that technology solutions keep up with those changes.

The fast paced environment driven by omni sales channel strategies means that restaurants have to operate with such efficiency that losses need to be analysed and controlled.

Predicting demand can also be time consuming and costly. It increases the chance of wastage and popular products becoming unavailable to the customer at peak times.

It’s difficult to gauge how many different ingredients are needed at any given time and day of the week.

That’s why we’re excited to announce this new feature of Centegra Plus.

We’ve developed a completely customisable production planner bolt on that gives Digital Restaurants complete scalability over their production, because where demand peaks and dips, stock has to be adjusted to suit.

Right from the beginning innovation has always been at the heart of Centegra Plus.

It was developed as a complete back office solution for advanced reporting, inventory management and revenue management solutions, but it’s continually being adapted to meet the changing needs of hospitality businesses and the environment they’re operating in.

That’s why this latest feature will once again transform the restaurant’s ability to streamline costs and anticipate demand based on real insights and data.


How does it work?

It looks at the average sales and quantities sold and provides a list of what each restaurant needs to prepare up to 7 days in advance. From this information, sales figures can be adjusted, and sheets printed for production to follow.

This allows every restaurant to:

• Stock the right amount pre-prepared products on any given day
• Order the correct amount of ingredients
• Accurately anticipate and meet customer demand

How can it be customised?

The production plans can be configured to include selected products. For example, a drive thru or city centre store may need to see how many smoothies to make up, but don’t need to see how many cans of Coke they might sell.
Products can be grouped together in different sections based on production requirements and times. A store might have a section for the morning to specify how many pre-made sandwiches to make for the day, and then a section broken down into hourly slots to show how many sausage rolls to bake each hour.

We’re committed to understanding our clients and the sector they’re operating in to build Centegra Plus into the total solution it is today.

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