Delivering the Digital Strategies
of the Big Brands

Centegra Plus is the technology framework upon which key brands such as LEON Restaurants, Coco Di Mama, Sun Communities and SSA Group have been able to develop and deliver their digital strategies.

With over 21 years working with hospitality brands, we’ve seen the industry change beyond recognition and along every step of the way we’ve continued to innovate and develop a solution that allows them to pursue business growth through fully utilising the technologies available.

Integrated Partners are empowered by Centegra Plus

Centegra Plus is THE central solution that brings every sales channel partner together.

Without this centralised part, digital partners such as Vita Mojo, Spark’d, and QikServe wouldn’t work in harmony to provide the seamless efficiency and flow of data that the big brands need from technology.

We integrate rewards and loyalty partners like Toggle, Airship and Swipii, remote ordering partners Spark’d, QikServe and Vita Mojo, to name but a few and delivery options like UberEats, Just Eat and Deliveroo with full menu management integration.

We’re continually putting innovation at the forefront of Centegra Plus, and if a new digital partner emerges, we make sure it’s effectively integrated.

We offer high levels of service and expertise, and can plan, consult and advise on the setup, assist with the deployment and configuration and integrate help desk systems. With our operational support we’ve always been on hand to ensure the system is continuing to adapt and grow as the requirements change.

Why was Centegra Plus key to our client’s digital strategies?

The digital transformation of the hospitality sector has been immense. Sales channels have become more diverse, especially when considering multiple delivery partners, click and collect, dine in options and app ordering. Each sales channel generates a huge amount of data, requires a certain level of management and can quickly stifle the operations of every restaurant.

The level and quality of hospitality tech that we’ve brought to brands like LEON Restaurants, Coco di Mama and SSA Group has enabled them to streamline every part of this sales channel management.

1. Consolidation.
Managing different sales channel partners, understanding which sales channels the orders have come through, and communicating each one directly to the kitchen can quite literally transform the back of house and significantly improve the service customers receive. For Coco di Mama, having the seamless consolidation of sales channel data and revenue management has increased the responsiveness and the dynamism of the business operations. As the business looked to further growth opportunities, it was vital that they had the agility to respond when needed.

2. Menu Management.
Different sales channel partners’ menus mean variable pricing, plenty of updates and individual marketing campaigns across various seasonal periods. We make this easy and simple to administer for teams across a network of stores. LEON Restaurants has a broad menu, and it was important that they had real time data to analyse and make informed decisions about specific menu design and new product development. It was also vital that the performance of each store was able to be compared and improved upon, where necessary. The menu management feature combined with sales channels consolidation and data analytics, powerfully come together to provide a totally transformative solution.

3. Data Analytics and Reporting.
Data driven decisions are vital to healthy business growth. Through the consolidation of sales channels, inventory control and revenue management, hospitality businesses can see which sales channels have been the best revenue streams, see where stock wastage lies and track the cash. Centegra Plus gives you the data needed to make important decisions about every area of the business and provides everyone with the same picture. No more spreadsheets which can quickly go out of date – just one platform with real time data at your fingertips. Sun Communities, a business in the USA operating a network of Retirement Homes, RV Parks and Holiday Parks were experiencing several challenges from different systems to manage the reporting from each park, each park having a different till system and the need to offer click and collect. We implemented ONE system for all Parks, with one login and one shared product list. This allowed staff in store to see all the data and reports they need.

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The Future is Enterprise Centric.  

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