How to us BI and Analytics to
Improve Restaurant Revenue

A company operating multiple restaurants, cafes and/or food outlets needs to constantly improve revenue and its understanding of individual store situations and the bigger picture across the entire business is essential.

Being able to analyse and gather data from third party platforms, having insights into sales and operations and seeing what processes can be streamlined is vital to future growth.

Know your sales channels

Centegra Plus consolidates sales channel data into a format that gives you the right insights when you need them most. Understand which sales channels are performing well, and across which times of day. See what products are selling well and those that aren’t. Make changes that will optimise your menus whatever the season, because having this kind of data at your fingertips allows you to understand what your customers want at specific times of day.

Centegra Plus provides you with useful data categories including:

• Net Sales
• Gross Sales
• Tax
• Discounts and Recommended Retail Pricing
• Quantities
• Average Spend
• Customer Count

Transform operations and reduce costs

Once you have analysed all the sales channel data across patterns and buyer behaviour, you can tailor the restaurant operations around this by improving inventory management, staff scheduling, production planning and the management of orders in the kitchens.

Improve customer service

Quick service restaurants, casual dining venues and other types of food outlets depend on good customer service. Long waiting times and out of stock products can drive customers away. Gaining data on how quickly orders are prepared and delivered provides an understanding of the improvements needed along each aspect of the production line from order to completion. Enhance the customer experience and deliver orders within the expected time frame.

Tailor reward and loyalty programmes

Analytical data from third party providers and partners means you’re able to tailor offers and promotions to improve customer loyalty and retention rates. These can be personalised that reflect the demographic or segment they fall into. You can also plan marketing campaigns well in advance using data from previous ones to maximise revenue opportunities.

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The future is Enterprise Centric. The future is Centegra Plus.

The Future is Enterprise Centric.  

The Future is Centegra Plus

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