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There is something magical about fast food. As kids, we were spellbound by it. LEON began when three food-loving friends came together to solve their growing frustration with the limited options for fast, healthy meals on the go. They asked themselves, "Why can't fast food be good food?" and set out to make seasonal, high-quality food accessible to everyone. Since they opened the first LEON in London in 2004, they have been trying to create a revolution in fast food that is fresh and full of flavour.

The menu draws inspiration from the richness, flavours and natural healthiness of Mediterranean cooking, the odd dish that evokes our childhood memories of sunshine-soaked holidays, and even nostalgic trips to fast food restaurants. They celebrate the natural rhythms of nature, so the menu changes across the seasons. Their menu is packed with plants, we use good sources of fat like nuts and seeds and flavour our food with fresh herbs and spices.

Today, over two decades later, that mission remains the same. LEON continues to provide delicious, nutritious, fast food options, making it easier for everyone to eat and live well.

With a wide menu and restaurants across the UK, predicting demand presented huge challenges for the business and its teams. Running low on specific products at peak times of the day impacted customer orders and, ultimately, the guest experience, while overstocking created wastage that the business wanted to reduce and even eliminate significantly.

Seasonal differences in the year, which see an increase in cold drinks, sides, cakes and hot drinks means that an element of estimation work comes into play when looking at what demand might be and allocating enough stock to cover these peaks.

We have worked with LEON Restaurants to roll out the Centegra Plus Production Planner tool, a module designed to transform a restaurant’s ability to anticipate demand based on actual insights and data. It looks at the average sales and quantities sold and provides a list of what each restaurant needs to prepare up to 7 days in advance. From this information, sales figures can be adjusted taking into account local events/weather etc, and sheets printed for production to follow, or in a paperless environment viewed from any device.

The simplicity of the production planner brings huge value to every restaurant. It’s intuitive too, so when the team open it, information is passed on, which tells them what to make and how much to prepare. A fantastic aspect of this is considering local factors and including this in selected products and their preparation.

This rollout of the production planner has been extremely successful and with the first phase complete, the team are soon to start phase two – anticipating and managing cooking volumes.

“We’re thrilled with the progress so far of the production planner rollout. Predicting demand has always been a challenge that we used to calculate through complex spreadsheets, but by using past sales data and real insights into patterns, this takes away the guess work and makes easy work for our teams in restaurants across the UK. It’s so simple to use too which is a huge advantage when implementing new tech features for colleagues to use. 

We’re committed to reducing costs, improving the customer experience and reducing waste. The production planner module is integral to us achieving this. It’s another value adding tool from Centegra Plus, the tech solution that is at the core of our digital strategy. “

Claire Didier, Head of Restaurant Solutions

The Centegra Plus technology has been at the heart of LEON’s progression, demonstrating the importance of flexible but innovative tech solutions working to empower hospitality brands to achieve continued success.

“It has been great to be able to continue to add value to LEON as part of our long-standing relationship with them, working with them to implement the Centegra Plus production planner module in all their sites.

Although Centegra already provides much of LEON’s restaurant tech infrastructure, including POS, Kitchen Screens & Management, delivery integrations and Reporting, we are always looking for new ways to add even more to help them.

Collaborating with Claire and her team has meant that we have access to true industry experience and feedback to ensure that the product is not only very useful, but also easy to use for their managers. “

Jon Horsfield, Chief Revenue Officer, Centegra

With over 21 years working with hospitality brands, we’ve seen the industry change beyond recognition and along every step of the way we’ve continued to innovate and develop a solution that allows them to pursue business growth through fully utilising the technologies available.

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