Royal British Legion puts past 
POS issues behind them

Having worked with committee members of The Royal British Legion Club in Little Sutton over the past 4 years, we have formed strong relationships with this traditional style club and were best placed to see the many daily challenges they faced by their current POS system.

The busy vibrant club hosts many events and gatherings that are attended by members and non-members alike. The members have fixed pricing, where the non-members have variable pricing, which was causing several challenges within their current system, Lightspeed.

Lightspeed POS has limited functionality, and during busy events staff members were unable to partially take an order, store it and go back to it, making it difficult to serve multiple people at any one time.

When we migrated the club over to Centegra POS they discovered that it is not only user-friendly but it is tailored to the way the team operate. The build of the system and layout is designed to support in-house workflows, allowing them to serve customers quickly. This is further enhanced by the speed of each transaction.

It also features that all all-important swipe reader that allows different team members to store orders, go back to them and continue to add products to a customer order. They also had RF readers installed at the front of the bar so that members can simply tap their card to get their member pricing.

When adding new products to the system and amending pricing this is again much simpler to administer, removing the complexities that Lightspeed was creating previously.

A Club Committee Member said 

“Our events are being run much smoother thanks to the migration over to Centegra POS. We can serve customers faster and more efficiently at the bar and as it is built around the way we work too, that alone is a huge benefit in itself. In between events, maintaining the stock as supplier prices fluctuate has also become a lot simpler. “

If you are experiencing challenges with your current POS system, talk to us today. We can easily migrate your old system to Centegra POS transforming the front-of-house operations and integrating with a number of back-of-house functions.

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The Future is Enterprise Centric.  

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