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The Athenian

Operating over 21 sites in the UK, The Athenian has enjoyed some fantastic growth in recent years. The award-winning brand brings Athens culture and Greek food to many, allowing people of all generations to enjoy great quality food via the most convenient way.

Many of the stores have been modernised in recent months to allow fast and speedy ordering. This includes the adoption of additional delivery partners and the rollout of kiosks.

These changes meant that although consumers were able to order products of their choice via whatever means is convenient, the back of house operations were becoming increasingly challenging for the business. Different sales channels require effective management but there was no centralised solution in place to achieve this.

With digital modernisation comes challenges

Store team members’ time was increasingly being used grappling with multiple tablets for delivery partners with some managing anything between 4 and 6 different devices. Putting tickets in order was a particular time-consuming task where errors were creeping in due to the volume and lack of tracking.

Some stores have a different set up too with some offering an eat in option with others featuring kiosk ordering as well as delivery.

The adoption of Centegra Plus has totally transformed the way The Athenian stores operate. Now they receive all orders centrally, sending each one direct to the kitchen management system, where these are put in the correct order priority and the status easily reviewed.

Not only have order errors been significantly reduced but errors within any part of the other technology like the kiosks for example can be pinpointed and raised directly with the provider. This allows issues to be raised before they become business impacting.

Menu Management was also key to its digital transformation

The recent adoption of UberEATS would have added another dimension to the management of all delivery partner menus but Centegra Plus provides a central location for all edits, product updates and graphics that can be made to multiple menus at any one time, making menu management a simple and efficient task.

Now 16 different menus aren’t such a challenge!

What does The Athenian say?

“Everyone at Centegra has been amazing. From building the menus to any questions or issues about using the platform, help is just a phone call or email away – we never have to wait for long!

Where tech isn’t always our strongpoint, Giovanni, the Operations Manager has been absolutely brilliant along with Borja and Jaycee. They’re a team we can always call on no matter what the issue is. Under no circumstances have we ‘just been left to it’ and Centegra feel very much our partners when it comes to the huge strides we have made and continue to make in the digital transformation of the brand and its stores.

We can’t recommend the platform Centegra Plus highly enough. It’ll totally transform your operations. “
said Laura Cooper, Regional General Manager at The Athenian

Jon Horsfield, Chief Revenue Officer, Centegra Ltd said “We’ve been working with The Athenian for several years, so when they talked to us about the challenges they were facing, especially with the addition of more delivery channels, it was great to be able to add the Menu Management and Order Consolidation on to their existing modules and transform the way that they operate with multiple sales channels.

We worked through their challenges with them, including shared Wi-Fi access in delivery kitchen spaces, to implement a unified solution across all their sites”

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The Future is Enterprise Centric.  

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