The Great Data

If you’re operating individual digital partners for different solutions, then you’ll be navigating through the great data puzzle.

Delivery, click and collect, kiosk, and inventory are all examples of necessary third party solutions which business have adopted but which have their own platforms that generate their own data.

Data needs to make sense and it needs to come together to form part of a bigger picture. It also needs to create a business landscape where clear paths to business growth can be outlined, communicated to the rest of the organisation and put into practise.

But failure to integrate digital partners can mean that all the data sources quickly become a puzzle where the pieces don’t quite fit together like you need them to. It might also be contributing to different conversations taking place depending on what data other members of the team are accessing.

One Common Truth

The Centegra Plus Platform captures and consolidates all sales, payments and other key data in to one place and offers one common truth that can be shared and automated via the app with dashboards, reporting and analytics.

The power of one common truth is that all members of the teams from store operators to head office management are seeing the same data. Gone are the out-of-date emailed spreadsheets that cause confusion and inconsistencies. Now, all content is controlled by user level access allowing teams to see what you want them to see in an effortless way.

The built-in custom reporting data can be combined in ways that allow you to make sense of your unique business, for analysis and clear presentation of KPIs as well as daily reporting that’s specific to you. There is no need to gather information from multiple sources by re-keying it all into spreadsheets, saving a significant amount of time.

Analysis can be done via Business Intelligence allowing for drag and drop analytics, saved for later use, updated with new data and shared with others in the organisation allowing you to see true analytics from the same one common truth.

Drilling Down to the Specifics

Control of the data with custom groupings at various levels allows a business to break free from the constraints of 3rd party systems and report in the way that works best for your everyone, removing the need to maintain mapping of data between systems.

Building one common truth is not at the expense of detail. Centegra Plus maintains all the detail and nothing is thrown away. Users can drill down right to the detail of individual transaction and even beyond to the source data.

The power of the platform is to give you efficient access to all your information in the way you want and at the detail you want – we put the data puzzle together for you so you can see the big picture, the detail, analyse it and understand it.

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The future is Enterprise Centric. The future is Centegra Plus.

The Future is Enterprise Centric.  

The Future is Centegra Plus

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