Centegra Plus - The improvements 
we've made in Q3

So, we’re nearly at the end of the year – how did that happen?

As our clients prepare for the upcoming holiday season, we’re continuing to look further ahead with bringing new and innovative features into the Centegra Plus Platform for 2024. But first, let’s look back to what we’ve added in recent months.

Menu Management

This has been a huge update and one we know will bring so many benefits. With many more of our customers using the menu management feature along with more and more sales channels supporting it we wanted to gather customer feedback from earlier in the year. This resulted in Menu Management Version 2! 

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Kitchen Management

Linking notifications to the kitchen - Notifications of order ready status have always been in the app but now we have tied in the tickets from the Kitchen to that workflow, automating the solution and removing any additional user input.

Increasing the transparency of notifications from the Kitchen - We have now exposed this data to third parties via the API and Webhooks to enable 4th party sales channels to receive the notifications and to share them with the end user. This can be carried out with text messaging or in app messaging.

Revenue Management

As the amount of cash continues to reduce, some clients do not perform a bank deposit on every day of the week. To make this easier for operators, we’ve introduced a feature which combines the deposits to those deposit days, simplifies the process, reduces the risk of user error and saves time.

Inventory Management

Location based inventory - Venues with multiple outlets can now run multiple inventory locations within each site. This adds a whole new level of features for venue operators which support the management of stock and inventory.

Product preparations in line checks - If you use the Product Preparations feature, the prepared and made items can now be included in line checks.


Find Transactions - Transaction analysis reports provide you with an order reference look up. This helps identify transactions more easily when comparing transactions against other systems such as the transaction source (i.e., POS, Delivery Aggregator) or against the KMS.

Multi Use Venue Support - View types have been extended across more reports to help clients see data that’s either consolidated, split by site, or split by site and location. This provides an extra layer of reporting, particularly for venue operators that have multiple stores within multiple venues.

Consolidation of Combos and Discounts - A “Group By” filter option added which takes into consideration combo product grouping. This is very useful for clients wanting to see an overview of discounts by discount type. (E.g., marketing discounts vs loyalty discounts vs comps…)

Media Total gets a makeover - This report shows a “View Type” and “Group By” option which lets users now see payment totals per day within one report, as well as a new “Analysis Style” option which lets users see transactions per payment, or payment totals per team member.

Sales Channel Support - In addition to the existing ‘sale source’, we have now added ‘sales channel’. It’s a great benefit when different tech partners provide the same type of sales channel, but now you can see sales by sales channel as well as sales by source, combined and/or tailored to the way you want.

User Management

Aid to setup - A small but valuable tweak to the security setup now allows some user roles to be set up to Auto Add Sites. This enables admin users and head office users to be automatically assigned access to new stores and saves the effort of going in and manually adding the new store to each valid role.

Product Management

Multi Merchant Support - We’ve added a Merchant filter for multi-merchant companies. This provides users within multi-merchant companies with the ability to limit product lists and reports to contain only products sourced from the selected merchant. 

New Integrations

We didn’t cover this in the year update but we continue to add support for multiple partners, so let’s bring you up to date with some new sales channels: Spark’d Kiosk, Spark’d Mobile, Spot On EPOS and mvPOS EPOS have all been added this year.

Guest Charging

Small changes to boarding guest. Some people have been unable to enter their own address, so we’ve added address look up and validation to make onboarding easier and quicker for the guest and provide validation in the back end to make charging more accurate.

We guarantee that the changes we’ve made so far won’t stop there.
We’re always continuously evolving, updating and tweaking the platform to make sure our clients are getting exactly what they need from Centegra Plus.

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